April 24, 2013

Create a Facebook page fan gate for your nonprofit

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Encourage likes by using exclusive offers

Target audience: Nonprofits, cause organizations, foundations, NGOs, social enterprises, businesses, marketers, Facebook users.

John HaydonOne powerful strategy for acquiring Facebook fans is to encourage likes by using fan-gating, where exclusive content is available only to people who have liked your page.

The critical part is the incentive behind the fan gate.

You have to offer something that’s valuable enough to overcome the hurdle of liking your Facebook page.

For example, a free ebook or a photo contest like New Hampshire PetSave just completed:


New Hampshire PetSave used ShortStack for the contest app, putting it behind a “like gate” with this messaging:


Using static HTML to create custom tabs

Static HTML is by far the most popular app to create custom tabs that include a fan-gating feature.

You can create almost any type of custom tab – except ones that require the complexity of a database, like a photo contest (where I recommend ShortStack).

The 3-minute video above shows you how simple it is to create a fan-gate custom tab with Static HTML.

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