March 11, 2013

The secret behind creating viral content

by John Haydon

Wondering what the secret is to viral content? The real secret is that no one knows what makes a video go viral, but we have a few tip-offs to help guide you in the right direction. Continue reading

January 22, 2013

11 free & inexpensive online photo editing tools

by Lindsay Oberst

All organizations need quality images that inspire people to act, but high-quality photo editing software can be beyond a nonprofit’s budget. Read up on 11 web-based photo-editing tools that provide a range of photo editing options at little to no cost. Continue reading

October 3, 2012

7 top video editing tools for nonprofits

by Guest

Today, software makes editing digital footage faster, easier and much more affordable, and puts it within reach of anyone with a personal computer. Even better, digital video editing is “nonlinear,” which means you can access the scenes you want to edit directly. This helps speed up the process, especially for a short, Internet-ready video for which you just need to trim off the ends and add a title screen or two. Here are seven top video editing tools for your organization. Continue reading

August 22, 2012

Use smartphones to capture events for your cause

by Lauren Major

Photographer Dan Chung’s Olympic smartphone photoblog setup.   Take some tips from a pro photographer at the London Olympics Target audience: Photographers, nonprofits, cause organizations, foundations, NGOs, social enterprises, businesses, educators, journalists, citizen journalists, Web publishers. The 2012 London Olympic games were a chance for photojournalists from around the world to produce breathtaking images. One photojournalist took the challenge of … Continue reading

July 10, 2012

4 successful strategies for engaging interviews

by Lauren Major

Video is a powerful tool in the nonprofit world, as it gives donors, staff and volunteers an opportunity to see and feel first hand the impact of their support. In our latest video, Deborah’s Place, our focus in on one woman’s journey out of homelessness, yet we subtly interweave information about Deborah’s Place’s programs and services throughout the film. Continue reading

Category: Making media, Social media, Video
April 24, 2012

On-demand magazine publishing, simple & cheap

by Lindsay Oberst

Yesterday we invited you to think about whether a print magazine might make sense for your nonprofit or social enterprise — and we use a broad definition of magazines here to include a print newsletter, whitepaper, special report, annual report, event keepsake or a catalog of fundraising merchandise and so on.

Now that you’re sold on the idea, or are at least considering it, how do you make it happen? Continue reading