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Nonprofit tech experts team up to help others master ‘social tools for social change’

(Summary: Eight experts in social media and nonprofit tech create the Socialbrite learning hub and offer consulting services to help organizations onto the social Web.)

SAN FRANCISCO – June 29, 2009 – Eight leading experts in social media and nonprofit technology have joined forces to create, a hub that showcases social tools for social change. The site, which serves as a learning and sharing center for nonprofits and social change organizations, debuted today at

The Socialbrite team is made up of strategists with deep experience in offering social media consulting services, training workshops, conversational marketing, fundraising and outreach campaigns.

“We’re here to help nonprofits master the social Web to bring about meaningful social change,” said J.D. Lasica, a consultant and author of four books about emerging technologies. “There’s nothing else like this on the Web for nonprofits, social change organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and educators. Socialbrite’s mission is to shine a light on the best practices, social tools and strategies that will benefit each of these important constituencies.”

Beth Kanter, Amy Sample Ward, Katrin Verclas and John Haydon are among the familiar names in the nonprofit tech sector who are part of the effort. is launching with a rich set of resources:

• A directory of Web 2.0 Productivity Tools in dozens of categories that can help organizations get a handle on the social Web.

• A Social Media Glossary that offers a deep, friendly introduction to dozens of social media terms in plain English.

• A first-of-its-kind Twitter widget that tracks tweets about nonprofits or social causes in real time.

• A Free Photos Directory, Free Video Directory and Free Music Directory that offers nonprofits, cause organizations and Web publishers a guide to hundreds of online resources for adding legal, high-quality content to their own Web sites, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, printed materials or online presentations.

• A Causes widget that points to charitable actions and donations on other sites such as GlobalGiving and Facebook Causes.

• Scores of additional articles, guides and tutorials to help newcomers and veterans alike get better acquainted with this fast-moving space.

Socialbrite draws on a team of experts whose practical, easy-to-grasp advice will help organizations find social media success. The strategists – located in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and London – are:

  • Beth Kanter, a longtime trainer and advisor to the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) and other organizations. Her upcoming book “The Networked Nonprofit” will provide a social media roadmap for nonprofits.
  • J.D. Lasica, a social media pioneer who co-founded, the first video hosting and sharing site. He advises both Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofits in social media strategies.
  • Katrin Verclas, co-founder and editor of and past executive director of NTEN.
  • John Haydon, a consultant who advises small nonprofits, small businesses and social entrepreneurs on social marketing strategies.
  • Amy Sample Ward, a strategist who supports and educates clients in the nonprofit and social change sectors.
  • Ken Banks, who is using mobile technology to foster positive social and environmental change in the developing world, particularly in Africa.
  • Sloane Berrent, a cause-based marketing consultant who works with nonprofits and social cause organizations. She is currently a Kiva fellow serving a three-month tour in a rural section of the Philippines.
  • Carla A. Schlemminger, a strategic marketing communications professional who integrates best practices in branding, PR and social media.

The Socialbrite site features dozens of videos, screencasts and slide presentations. All materials created for the site are released under Creative Commons licenses so that other sites and blogs can freely reuse the content.

“Collaboration is the key to success, in everything really,” said Amy Sample Ward, an Oregonian now living in London who heads up London Net Tuesday and collaborates with others to create local opportunities to share and learn. “I see Socialbrite as a great chance for us as strategists to collaborate while helping nonprofits keep pace with this fast-changing landscape.” is built in WordPress, the popular open source blogging platform. Socialbrite’s lead developer, Esteban Panzeri, just finished work on a Creative Commons plug-in that lets bloggers assign different licenses to different blog posts, which he is releasing to the WordPress community.

The Socialbrite team members make their living through paid services to client organizations. Services include conducting in-depth workshops, working with senior staff to develop a social media strategy, and crafting campaigns to reach contributors and supporters through Twitter, Facebook and digital storytelling, among other modern approaches.

About Socialbrite is an affiliation of leading experts in nonprofit technology and social media. The Socialbrite team works collaboratively on projects for clients in the nonprofit and social change communities. Team members also contribute learning materials to the Socialbrite group blog under Creative Commons licenses to foster a better understanding of social tools for social change. For more information visit

Key facts

• strategists offer social media solutions to nonprofits of all sizes as well as NGOs, universities and businesses.
• is a daily publication offering news, analysis, tools and tips around the use of social media for social good.
• The site offers a directory of social media tools, reports, events and resources.

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