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[Mobile apps to get stuff done on the go ]
Producer: Carla Schlemminger
April 2013

Tools & Tips: Want to learn about new mobile apps that got our attention? Sign up for our email newsletter. Here is a list of Mobile apps to get stuff done on the go .


[Get your organization on board with mobile]
Guest post by Kevin Lo
TechSoup Global
March 2013

Tools & Tips: With an expanding range of new devices available, the landscape of mobile computing can be confusing. Smartphones now offer us new, powerful ways to connect with and engage with our communities. Here’s a look at the new breed of smartphones and what to consider when using them at your nonprofit or library.

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5 smartphone apps that support great causes
Guest post by Whitney Adams
October 2012

Tutorial: Earlier, Socialbrite published a roundup of top 10 mobile apps for social good. This article is intended as a sampler to get you to dig deeper into charity-related apps.

QR code tools

4 QR code tools that will make you love QR codes
Producer: John Haydon
September 2012

Tutorial: Joe Waters has already written a few times about how organizations are using QR codes to raise more money, covering things like how to create a QR code, how to create a mobile site with Google Sites and how to promote the offer. Once you get grounded with QR, here are four tools you might find valuable to help you get started with QR codes.

6 iPhone accessories

6 iPhone accessories to jazz up your mobile photos
By Shonali Burke
February 2012

Tutorial:The writer set out to find a way to build her own iPhone-ready DIY photo/video studio that would let her create good visual/multimedia content. Here are six terrific iPhone accessories that will give you a mobile photo/video studio.

Facebook Timeline apps

What Facebook Timeline apps are really all about
Producer: John Haydon
February 2012

Tutorial: How do Timeline apps work? Once you authorize an app, which only needs to be done once, a live connection is established with your Timeline. This means that as soon as you take an action with an app, like finishing a run with the RunKeeper app, the app automatically posts that action on your Timeline.

iPhone apps for work play creativity

15 top iPhone apps for work, play & creativity
By Shonali Burke
February 2012

Tutorial: Here’s a list of my 15 top iPhone apps. The apps generally fall into the categories of communications, productivity, social networks, photography and video. See which ones work best for you.

Building mobile apps

Building mobile applications for social good
By Ken Banks
December 2011

Tutorial: In this article and accompanying PDF, we discuss how to build mobile applications for social good,


Mobile: The next frontier of nonprofit fundraising
Guest post by Bob Jones
CEO, CharityCall
September 2011

Tutorial: Tie your mobile efforts to your email & social media outreach. From a pure fundraising standpoint, email and social media channels are only effective when the recipient is able to respond immediately to a call to action. At best, your call to action message is going to be read once, so if that message is compelling enough to cause the recipients to donate, then they must be able to do so immediately. Here’s how to accept donations via the mobile Web.

Nicola Wells

How nonprofits can get started with mobile
Producer: JD Lasica
September 2010

Tutorial: Nicola Wells of the Center for Community Change’s Fair Immigration Reform Movement offers nonprofits tips about how to get started with mobile and how to create an effective mobile campaign, whether for fundraising, recruiting or other goals.

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7 ways for nonprofits to use mobile phones to raise funds
Guest post by Ben Rigby
Co-founder, The Extraordinaries
September 2010

Tutorial: Mobile giving is just about five years young. There’s plenty of time to put together a thoughtful mobile fundraising strategy. This tutorial will discuss the seven methods to generate revenue from mobile phone owners.


A beginner’s guide to mobile fundraising
Producer: JD Lasica
September 2010

Tutorial: With tens millions of people now routinely using text messaging features, the time is ripe for nonprofits to understand how they can use mobile fundraising not as a silver bullet but as one element of a broader strategy. Here’s a short primer on how mobile donations and campaigns work, with an emphasis on mobile fundraising.


Geolocation & mobile phones
Producer: JD Lasica
February 2010

Tutorial: A one-page handout on how to use geolocaion on your mobile device to chronicle events in your community.

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How to set up an SMS campaign system
Producer: Guest post by Melissa Loudon
February 2010

Tutorial: Mobile advocacy basics, from short codes and keyword response to mobile data collection.