July 18, 2011

12 tips for writing more blog posts each week


John HaydonIwrite six to seven posts each week on four different websites, which might seem amazing. But I used to struggle to write just two posts every week (seven is still a struggle, which is a good thing).

Here are a few things I do that have helped me be more efficient (but still authentic) with my blogging:

  1. Dragon Dictation – I wrote this post in 10 minutes using Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communications (two minutes dictating and eight minutes editing the post in WordPress).
  3. Theme Calendar – I have a theme calendar in my head that looks like this:
    • Monday – Strategy article at JohnHaydon.com (cross-posted to Socialbrite), video on Headway Videos.com
    • Tuesday – Tactical article at NonprofitFacebookGuy.com
    • Wednesday – Social fundraising article at Razoo, how-to article at JohnHaydon.com
    • Thursday – Tactical article at NonprofitFacebookGuy.com
    • Friday – Personal / thought piece at JohnHaydon.com
  4. Mind mapping – This approach allows me to bounce freely between unrelated ideas, but anchor them together in a way that’s extremely organized. I wrote this post in 20 minutes using the MindMeister iPad app while I sat in a doctor’s waiting room.
  6. Reuse emails – Many times I’ll be answering a question for someone in an email and realize that other people probably have the same question. Copy, paste, delete the guilty parties.
  8. Reuse comments – Sometimes I’ll find myself leaving a thoughtful comment on a post and realize that I could blow it up into a blog post.
  10. Write in batches – Writing requires creative muscle which, once warmed up, can be used for creative tasks beyond the one you planned for. Take advantage of an engine that’s warmed up.
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