September 8, 2009

eduFire: Real-time Web learning

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Guest post by Katrina Heppler

Want to learn a foreign language from the comfort of your home? Want to meet up with fellow students around the world? Or are you a teacher or trainer who wants to share your knowledge for a fee in an online setting with live interaction?

In this 4:50 video interview, founder and CEO Jon Bischke shares details about his new company, eduFire (tagline: “Live video learning”), an online platform that provides learning on subjects from A to Z by teachers around the world. More than 5,000 instructors are teaching more than 30,000 students. About two-thirds of the students are in the United States but word is quickly spreading internationally.

Head to the site to sign up for any course you’d like to take — say, a foreign language. All you need is a broadband connection; you can text in questions to the teacher during the class. Some instructors are making $50-$100 an hour.

The interview was conducted outside a Peet’s in San Francisco with a Flip Ultra recorder. Follow them on Twitter at @edufire.

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