November 6, 2009

Why Twitter Lists are huge for your nonprofit

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John HaydonTwitter Lists are guaranteed to be the next huge (and I mean huge!) game changer for Twitter.

When Twitter lists first came out, I thought: “OK, so users can now make lists of other users based on any criteria.” For example, a list of companies that are hiring, a list of Onion editorial staff or a list of food trucks in Los Angeles. Big deal, right?

Yes, a very big deal.

How Lists will completely change how we use Twitter

  • Users can follow a list without having to follow all the users on that list.
  • Third party applications will use lists in fun and interesting ways.
  • Sites likeListorious will feature a variety of content based on Lists.
  • Twitter Lists will give users additional ways to create value for their followers.
  • Lists will add an additional social proof element to all Twitter users.
  • Lists will change how we follow streams.

This short video covers how to use Lists and why

The short instructional video at top covers how to use Lists and why.

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