Directory of social media policies


Here are a number of publicly available social media policies and guidelines for corporations, nonprofits and media companies. In some cases, we’ve reproduced them on this site because of how often they get moved around or dislodged.*

If you’re in the market for a Social Media Policy, contact Socialbrite — we’re created several policies for well-known nonprofits and brands. For a boilerplate but useful social media disclosure policy, see

Know of other policies we should add? Drop us a line or post a pointer in the comments below. Thanks!

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Nonprofits, academia & community

American Red Cross Online Communications Guidelines
Bread for the World’s Social Media Policy
B’nai B’rith Youth Organization
DePaul University
Easter Seals (reported on Beth Kanter’s blog)
Easter Seals Online Community Guidelines
Fellowship Church
Harvard Law School – Terms & Policy
Fraternal Order of Eagles (PDF)
Powerhouse Museum Communication Using Public-Facing Museum Blogs – Policy (PDF)
Smithsonian Web and New Media Strategy
Social Media Handbook for Local Red Cross Units



Australian Public Service Commission’s protocols for online media participation
British Government Twitter policy guide (PDF)
City of Hampton Information Technology Policy: Social Media Policy (PDF)
City of Seattle Blogging Policy
Circular 2008/8: Interim protocols for online media participation
CivilService – Code for Online Participation (UK)
Facebook Comments Policy
Government Policy: Why government and nonprofit organizations should set up Social Media Profiles
GSA Social Media Policy (PDF)
New Zealand State Services Commission: The Guide to Online Participation
New Zealand State Services Commission: Principles for Interaction with Social Media]
State of Delaware Social Media Policy (PDF)
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat: Guideline to Acceptable Use of Internal Wikis and Blogs Within the Government of Canada
U.K. Government: Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments
U.S. Air Force (Public Affairs Officer’s Guide)
US Air Force Social Media Policy (with flow chart)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Jacksonville District: Social Media User Guidelines (PDF)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Blogging at EPA for Greenversations
US Navy – Web 2.0 – Utilizing New Web Tools
Wake County, N.C., Web 2.0 Guidelines



Tech & Web companies

Cisco’s Internet postings policy
HP Blogging Code of Conduct
IBM’s social computing guidelines
Intel’s social media guidelines
Microsoft: Channel 9 Doctrine
Opera Employee Blogging Policies
Oracle Social Media Participation Policy (also download as a PDF)
Plaxo’s Communication (Blogging) Policy
RightNow Social Web Employee Policy
SAP Social Media Participation Guidelines
Sun Microsystems Policy on Public Discourse

Other brands

FedEx Citizenship Blog’s Blog Policy
Gartner Public Web Participation Guidelines
GM Motors Blogging Policy
Kodak Social Media Tips
Walmart’s Twitter External Discussion Guidelines
Wells Fargo Community Guidelines
Yahoo! Blogging Policy

PR, marketing, communications firms

Gibraltar’s Social Media Policy
GretemanGroup Social Media Policy
Jaffe PR: Social Media and Social Networking Policies and Procedures
Porter Novelli (PR)
Porter Novelli Blogging and Social Media Policy
Razorfish Employee Social Influence Marketing Guidelines

Additional companies

Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Social Media Guidelines
eWay Direct Social Media Policy
Forrester corporate blogging policy
Headset Bros Social Media Policy
Hill & Knowlton Blogging at H&K
LiveWorld Social Media Content Guidelines
Mason Social Media Guidelines (PDF)
Netflix Guide on Freedom & Responsibility
Opera Employee Blogging Policies
Regler for blogging i SpareBank 1 Gruppen
Right Now Social Web Employee Policy
Telstra’s 3 Rs of Social Media Engagement (PDF)
Unic Social Media Guidelines


Hospitals & health sector

Kaiser Permanente Social Media Policy (PDF)
Mayo Clinic Participation Guidelines
Red Cross Crescent Social Media Guidelines (PDF)
Sentara Social Media Policy (PDF)
Sutter Health and Affiliates Policy for Social Networking and Other Web-based Communications (PDF)
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Blog Policies and Guidelines


News organizations

Best of breed:
Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s social media policy
• BBC – Editorial Guidelines, personal use of Social Networking (BBC has removed these)
• NPR News’ social media policy (NPR has removed this)


AP’s social media policy
Los Angeles Times’ social media guidelines
Reuters’ social media guidelines
New York Times’ social media policy
The Roanoke Times News Standards and Policies
Wall Street Journal’s social media policy
Washington Post’s social media policy

Additional resources

• Blogging and Social Media Policy Sample
Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Participation at (COMPANY) (PDF)
• Charlene Li’s Blogging policy examples
Collection of Social Media Policy Examples
• Generate Your Own Disclosure Policy
Enterprise: List of 40 Social Media Staff Guidelines
• Frederik Waka’s Beginners’ Guide to Corporate Blogging
• JD Lasica’s commentary: Newspaper social media policies: Out of touch
Poynter, Newsrooms Develop Social Networking Policies for Journalists on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
• Judith Lindeau: Social Media Policy for Associations: Off Stage
• Mashable: 10 Must-haves for your social media policy
• Nicky Hardy: Social media guidelines for brands
• Rhetorica: Rhetorica Blogging and Comment Policy
• Robert Scoble’s The Corporate Weblog Manifesto
Should Your Company Have a Social Media Policy?
Social Media Business Council Disclosure Policy Toolkit
• Steve Buttry’s Leading Your Staff Into the Twitterverse
• Steve Buttry’s critique of the Los Angeles Times’ policy, the Washington Post’s policy and Wall Street Journal’s policy
• WOMMA: WOMMA Ethics Code

*A final note about the republication of a handful of social media policies on this site: These are historical documents and as such will be analyzed, reviewed, compared and critiqued on a regular basis here in the years ahead. To do so, we need access to the original source material and so will post them here for archival and educational purposes.Beth Kanter is CEO of Zoetica, a consultancy for nonprofits. See her profile, visit her blog, contact Beth or leave a comment.