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A special section on resources for social causes & campaigns

By the editors of Socialbrite

Socialbrite has created a toolkit for social and political advocacy — an evergreen resource for the social media workshop we put on as part of Internet at Liberty, the conference on Internet freedom of expression organized by Google in Washington, D.C., on May 23-24, 2012.

Consider this a good starting point for activists, change agents and political reformers who want to bring positive change to their countries, their communities and the world at large. We also realize this is a very U.S.-centric directory, so please email us with your submissions or leave your pointers and tips in the comments below.

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12 social change information guides

Scroll down to see all 12 social change information guides, or download them all at once (2.2MB) — save them to your desktop and double click to create a folder:

10 top tools for advocacy campaigns
1 page, PDF
Download flyer (also at

Summary: We run down 10 tools that should be in every advocacy campaign’s toolkit, including Asana (for project management), PopVox (for advocating to members of Congress), Tableau Public (for visualizations), Dropbox (for productivity) and more.

10 steps to a successful campaign
1 page, PDF
Download flyer (also at

Summary: For your advocacy campaign to succeed, you need to lay the groundwork, create shareable content and inspiring stories, cultivate a community of supporters, keep them informed and more.

12 social action hubs
1 page, PDF
Download flyer (also at

Summary: Here are 12 advocacy platforms and online communities that can help your organization drive social awareness, action and support.

10 collaboration tools for your organization
1 page, PDF
Download flyer (also at

Summary: Here are 10 collaboration tools to help your organization communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

10 social media monitoring tools

1 page, PDF
Download flyer (also at

Summary: Take a look at these 10 social media monitoring tools and see which ones to use for your cause or organization. Some are free, some are not.

10 free metrics tools for actionable analytics

1 page, PDF
Download flyer (also at

Summary: If your campaign is to succeed, you need to set up a series of measurements. Here are 10 free metrics tools you can use to advance your cause, nonprofit or organization.

45 hashtags for social change

1 page, PDF
Download flyer (also at

Summary: Use these hashtags as you tweet for social good, whether for a general topic or a specific niche. Subjects include human rights, hunger, AIDS, the environment.

Social fundraising tools for causes

1 page, PDF
Download here (also at

Summary: Ten social fundraising tools for your organization.

Best practices for the Social Web

1 page, PDF
Download flyer

Summary: Tape these principles to your wall. Before you tackle social media and launch an advocacy campaign, internalize these 15 simple precepts.

10 mobile apps for social good

1 page, PDF
Download flyer (also at

Summary: Create social change when you’re on the go. Also available as a blog post. Also see the closely related 10 iPhone apps for social good.

Getting the most out of Google Analytics

2 pages, PDF
Download handout (also at

Summary: Here’s a guide to how to use and get the most out of Google Analytics to help you refine your campaign and elements of your cause website or blog.

A Mobile Activism User’s Guide

Producer: Jed Alpert,
16 pages, Word .doc
Download document

Bonus item: In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the world of mobile activism and show you how you can take your organization mobile.

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