January 12, 2015

Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for 2015

by John Haydon

As a consultant and trainer in the nonprofit community, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. And it’s here! Kivi published the first Nonprofit Communications Trends Report back in 2011, surveying 780 nonprofits. For the most recent report, Kivi surveyed 1,535 nonprofits – mostly in the US. Highlights from the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report are … Continue reading

May 6, 2014

Time-saving tips to write more blog posts (with video)

by John Haydon

Make the most out of your time and blog more often Target audience: Nonprofits, cause organizations, foundations, NGOs, social enterprises, marketers, managers, journalists, general public. One thing I’ve learned from years of blogging is that a blogging process saves time and headaches. My approach uses creative momentum at the beginning to blow through tasks that require linear thinking. Above you’ll find … Continue reading

November 25, 2013

9 time-saving tips to write more blog posts

by John Haydon

Here’s a blogging process that saves time and headaches. To gain creative momentum, try these nine steps. Continue reading

June 10, 2013

How to turn email content into blog posts

by John Haydon

Wanting to start a blog but unsure where you’re going to get your content? Find out how to convert those emails in your sent folder to blog posts. Continue reading

May 13, 2013

How to establish thought leadership for your nonprofit

by Caroline Avakian

Especially for smaller to medium-sized nonprofits, thought leadership is one of the most effective and least expensive ways an organization can build awareness of their cause, support for their ideas and programs, and influence the communities they need to reach, including decision makers, policy makers and donors. Continue reading