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    Glad you wrote this post, Beth. I saw your original conversation on Twitter with @philanthropy and was hoping more would come out of it. I recently got an iPad, and our online team at the UN Foundation is exploring mobile apps in general, so I'm hoping there ARE some benefits for non-profits via the iPad. Most people think of it as just for fun & games, reading magazines, and watching videos. But it can be so much more if we think innovatively about it – but you're right, we don't have to rush to make it happen right this second.

  • http://5forFairness.org Anna

    I have a serious case of "shiny object syndrome" and was valiantly resisting the inevitable iPad purchase until I read this post.

    Oh well.

  • http://twitter.com/jnlg3 @jnlg3

    Do we need to think bigger than the iPad as alternative delivery device for conventional nonprofit online engagement? The field seems like the nonprofit iPad sweet spot. Just thinking out loud here, but imagine this in the hand of a canvasser. The canvasser could serve up one of 5 videos based on voter profile and then process a donation on the spot. They could then record an individual appeal from that voter/donor on video that could be immediately uploaded to their network and shared with friends and family with a donation ask attached…or, the canvasser could play the video appeal for the donor's neighbors.

    And, international development and education? Crazy possibilities with the iPad.

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