June 16, 2010

13 Facebook Page features that will make your day

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John HaydonDuring the Facebook Foundations webinars I conduct with Charityhowto, I’ve kept a running list of the most common questions registrants have had about creating and managing a Facebook Page.

Below is a partial list. The video above walks though the answers to each one.

13 Facebook Page features that will make your day

  1. How To Quickly Find Your Page – Many folks have a hard time finding their Page once it’s created. One nonprofit marketer recently told me that they search for their Page each time they want to update it.
  2. You Can Edit Your Thumbnail – That little tiny section of your main image that everyone sees in updates and new feed posts? Yes, that’s your Page “thumbnail”. You can edit it simply by clicking “edit thumbnail” in the upper right-hand corner of your main image. Also, see Kim’s post.
  3. You Can Create Three Walls Streams Or One Wall Stream – You have two display options for your wall. One creates a single stream that includes posts by Page admins and posts by connections.
  4. Users Cannot Post To Your Wall Unless They Like Your Page – A great way to increase connections is to promote your wall as the single place for discussion during an event. When users want to join the dialogue, they have to “like” your Page. Charityhowto increased their fan base by 323 percent in three hours using this strategy.
  5. Setting A Custom View For New Visitors – Using the Static FBML application, you can create a custom tab for your Page. Within your wall settings, you can set this as this tab as the default tab new visitors see. Check out the Socialbrite welcome tab as an example.
  6. Upload Videos and Photos Via Email – This is extremely useful during events. Simply attach photos and videos to your cell phones email app.
  7. You Can Remove Unused Tabs – Less is more. Need I say more?
  8. You Can Embed Links To Tabs – Some applications have a feature called “link to this tab” which allows you to direct traffic to the tab. A great way to use this is to promote a discussion on your Facebook Page by sending out an email with a link to the discussion tab.
  9. You Can Change The Order Of Tabs – Drag and drop. Nuff said.
  10. You Can See What Posts Receives The Most Interactions – This application allows you to find out what your best content is.
  11. You Can Create A Custom URL For Your Page – This is shorter than the default Facebook Page URL. Especially good for print media – like direct mail, or posters advertising an event. And it only takes a minute to create.
  12. You Can Promote Your Page With Tagging – You can create more awareness about your Page by tagging another more popular Page in a status update. Use wisely and sparingly.
  13. How To Find Your Page ID – Your Facebook Page ID comes in handy when you need to connect to it through a plugin. For example, there’s a WordPress plugin for the LikeBox that requires your Page ID in the settings.
Do you know a Facebook secret that’s not listed above?

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