35 thoughts on “8 online petition tools: How to make a difference

  1. I usually use the petition tool at change.org. I was a little surprised that this one wasn't on the list. Still, excellent resource – thanks!

  2. can you recommend a petition tool that is accessible by reading software for people who are blind?

  3. Some excellent websites there, to make a petition legal, do you need to have the person who has signed full postal address?

  4. We used petition.org, but when we wanted to send an email to everyone, petition.org wanted to charge us $2.50 per email. We are a small, grassroots community group and don’t have ANY funds, must less $2.50 per name for the 1,000+ people who signed our petition.

  5. It would be nice to be able to get reporting on the signatures – does anyone have any suggestions?

  6. I’ve used iPetitions.com in the past but don’t think I will again. I sent 4 emails to their support team with a critical question and never heard back.

  7. In my 35 years of activism I have found signon.org and the care2 site to be about the 2 lamest petition sites in existence. It is nearly impossible to properly explain the cause/need for a petition in “2-3 brief lines” While I fully agree there is no need to write a book, insisting on this type of brevity is insane!

    It’s not difficult to see why (even with its MANY issues) change.org is still the place we all turn to when we need to accomplish something of importance. Just my opinion based on experience.

  8. GoPetition.com doesn’t charge ripp-off fees per email that change dot org does and has good social network tools and large facebook presence. They have a lot of feedback on their testimonials page worth looking at.

  9. Made a great petition with Avaaz.org but needed technical advice which I never got. I need to be able to translate the text into various languages without creating separate petitions. Also the signatures that appear in the feed are significantly less than those in the stats available to the creator and I would like to have access to the list of who signed to know where to aim the petition to carry on its potential. Grateful for any tips!

  10. I need an online petition that has a field to check if you are a registered voter. Any suggestions?

  11. Very hard to collaborate on petitions; providing editors for petitions (chargeable) might help user and improve petitions; an editor that requests 2 or more petitioners to collaborate on their petitions; picture and story important, unfortunately, like the media, petitions require some of kind of negative grabber

  12. Check out One Click Politics, part of NationBuilder. They have easy customizable online action widgets that you just drop into your organizations website for easy and fast sign up. Mobile friendly and saves all the signatures for future outreach.

  13. Please sign our petition on Change.org:

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