August 2, 2010

How to create a Google Group discussion list

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Here’s a one-page guide to setting up an email list

Guest post by Tim Davies

Even with all the amazing social web tools available today, e-mail remains a key communication tool for most people.

For many committees, projects and associations, an e-mail list has a lot to offer as a coordination and collaboration tool. For example, recently I worked on preparing a Web presence for the DFID Civil Society Organisations Youth Working Group, a group of development agencies and youth charities focused on working with a UK government agency to promote youth engagement and the role of young people in development. They’re currently online only via the Youth Guidance Project.

Because the Youth Working Group is essentially a network of organisations and individuals, with no permanent secretariat or central body, we’re building the whole Web presence around e-mail lists for the central group and its subgroups – set up to be open to anyone who wants to get involved. Content from the e-mail lists will be fed via RSS into a website based on DokuWiki, a fantastically flexible and easy to use wiki.

This set-up will involve the chair of each subgroup managing his or her own e-mail list, and all the members or associates of the Youth Working Group understanding how an e-mail list works.

So I took the opportunity to create a One Page Guide to E-mail Lists with Google Groups.

You can download the PDF here or view the full thing on Scribd and get the original to adapt for your own use in its original Open Office format, or MS Word if you prefer.

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