• http://www.marketingusingvideo.com/video-communication/ Video Communication

    Just finding your site! Very helpful information!

  • http://www.marketingusingvideo.com/video-communication/ Video Communication

    Just finding your site but it is quite vibrant and informative

  • B Sabev07

    Check out http://www.meetingl.com it doesnt require installation and its free!

  • Marcia Karasek

    This looks good — do you have any updates for 2012 you’d like to add to the list? Thanks for putting this together!

  • JustinKemp99

    As a promising newcomer you can surely add http://www.uberconference.com/ . It provides free conference call services with a great visual interface.  

  • watowich

    I am looking for a web conferencing software that enables the participants to be sent into virtual break-out rooms where they can collaborate on individual projects (and share docs, chat, video, markup, etc in these break-out rooms). Several vendors provide this feature. However, I would like these rooms to stay active and accessible to the participants even when the meeting or conference ends and the host is not online. This feature does not seem to be supported by the vendors I have checked (e.g. Adobe Connect). This scenario would be used for a multi-lecture distance-based course, where breakout groups would work on individual projects after the class presentation has ended. The participants can return to the virtual breakout rooms at their convenience with the project materials remaining active in the room. The meeting host can also enter the room to share course materials and ideas, and the virtual breakout room participants can also link back to the main meeting. SUGGESTIONS? 

  • akp_mic

    You have forget Arkadin which is best  conferencing service provider
    For more details about arkadin  visit  http://www.arkadin.com.au/S-pn-Web_Conferencing.html

  • jdlasica

    Hi Marcia. Alas, we don’t have a staff of writers, just strategists who contribute to our site when we have some spare time, which seems to be pretty rare these days. :~)

  • babaksalimi

    Check out Saba Meeting, Saba Classroom and Saba Webinar at http://www.sabameeting.com

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  • Kent Robinson

    I have multiple users that schedule audio/video conferencing.  Sometimes these schedules may over lap, or a meeting may run past its estiamted end time.  Purchasing 1 license that is shared amongst many people is not very practical.  Any ideas where we can have multiple sessions going on at the same time without multiple lilcences

  • TyroneBrooks

    Yes, I recommend you look into http://www.startmeeting.com. Participants can join your Online Meeting via IPad. 30-Day Free Trial. Enter Promo Code: BROOGRDRS4 for 14.95/month access.

  • http://vsee.com/blog Anne_at_VSee

    @VSee ( vsee.com ) is a simple video conference and screen share tool. It’s great if you don’t have a lot of bandwidth to spare and can work over 3G cell networks and in places with poor infrastructure such as Africa and the Middle East.

  • alansaltz

    Shocked to not see MeetingBurner on here:
    It’s a superior, download-free platform and significantly less expensive that the rest.

  • KeithCarberry

    OK. That was a different review. Half of the recommendations for virtual webcast software I have never heard of before. I did appreciate your round up. Although none of the web conferencing software seemed expensive I am on a beta for a system called VirCast http://VirCast.com and they have cracked the pricing to just about nothing… 300 seat rooms for under $15 and the duplex audio with zero latency is spot on. 10 hd camera collaboration at a time. Anyway, it may be of good interest to take a look.

  • karlsmith432

    The one I use is a service from Bell, 
    http://www.bell.ca/shop/Sb_viewProduct.page?sku=SB_PHO_CON it supports large groups too.

  • http://www.accuconference.com accuconference

    We offer a 50% discount to not for profit services like universities, government organizations, and other not for profits.
    We’ve also recently launched a completely revamped web and video conferencing service.

  • http://www.ancona-patras.com/ msatapathsy

    Getting a quote or making a booking couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is select Ancona to Patras from the menus to the left, select the number of passengers and hit search

  • Kplot

    I use ScreenConnect in conjuction with Skype or phone conferencing.  Nice because there are not subscriptions associated.

  • AbbasJaved

    Nice comparison! I would rather recommend Banckle Meeting as I am currently using that for my own online meetings and e-learning sessions. It is all in one software for your online collaboration. Kindly try out! http://banckle.com/apps/meeting/overview.html

  • AliasgarBabat2

    Great list of tools. Another option is deploying on premise RHUB web conferencing appliances in order to conduct webinars, web conferences, online meetings, web casts etc.

  • mycomputerdoctor2010

    I am an avid TeamViewer user myself. I use it for my clients for my business My Computer Doctor – http://www.mycomputerdoctor.net – I love the fact that even with slow internet connections such as DSL I can still do my job with ease. Thanks for the article!

  • Vasiliki Bask

    Great post. I am using Skype for online lessons, but for more people one of the above solutions should be considered.

  • SalesTeam

    We prefer http://www.venuegen.com and their 3D Web environment to maximize meeting immersion. Meetings can be public or private.

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