6 thoughts on “4 QR code tools that will make you love QR codes

  1. Before people get too jazzed about using QR codes, they must make sure that the site that they are directing people to is actually a web page that is designed to be read on mobile devices. You’d be amazed at how many folks are making this fundamental error.

  2. Another tool you may want to consider is http://Qfuse.com where you can create free QR Codes with a mobile website in minutes to maximize user engagement.  Basic scan analytics are included and you can change the QR Code at any point in the future.

  3. Businesses are quickly beginning to see the value of utilizing QR codes for marketing purposes. Some companies are having QR code tags printed, which will allow travelers or prospect customers in general to scan the tag with their smartphones and automatically be directed to the company’s website.

  4. Today, regular qr codes are outdated in my imho. Design qr codes are really cool today. I show a new free service to generate visual design qr codes on my site. Hope you don´t mind when i publish the link here?
    It´s on http://www.free-qr-code.net/design-qr-code.html
    Regards, René