October 8, 2010

Discovery Day 10.10.10: Innovation on a global scale

by JD Lasica

  Excerpt from ‘Macrowikinomics’ on transformative social change This Sunday, 10/10/10, is Macrowikinomics Discovery Day, the first global networked event that brings together innovation and community groups from across sectors to celebrate openness, collaboration and the web. Don’t you love it? Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World — which just hit bookstores last week — is the social innovation follow-up … Continue reading

September 23, 2010

Witness: Putting a face on human rights

by JD Lasica

Witness: Documenting human rights from JD Lasica on Vimeo. Alot of people don’t think of video when they talk about social media, but it’s a critical part of the landscape. “Witness was founded on the idea of testimonies and powerful stories,” says blog editor Matisse Bustos Hawkes. “Formulating a story that can reach your intended audience is an incredibly effective … Continue reading

September 2, 2010

4 steps to take part in TEDxChange Flickr campaign

by Sloane Berrent

  Putting a personal face to some of the world’s most pressing issues TEDxChange, an event co-hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TED, takes place Sept. 20. TEDxChange marks the anniversary of the Millennium Development Goals. Ten years in, the question remains: Where do we stand in the work to save and improve lives around the world? … Continue reading

August 31, 2010

Pakistan flood relief: How you can help

by Sloane Berrent

Dangling Feet, Kerala; Courtesy of Taylor Davidson on Flickr It’s shocking: The floods in Pakistan are affecting more than six times the number of people affected by the Haiti earthquake. I’ve been looking for ways to give back to help Pakistan. Where to give, where to donate, where to direct people. I came across a few great lists and posts, … Continue reading

August 13, 2010

The Hoop Fund makes its debut

by JD Lasica

The debut of The Hoop Fund from JD Lasica on Vimeo.   Social enterprise offers virtuous circle around loans, production, connections in a ‘fair trade ecosystem’ Last night I got a first-hand look at the debut of The Hoop Fund, a new social enterprise (tagline: Lend. Produce. Enjoy.) with a terrific pedigree and promising future. In short, The Hoop Fund … Continue reading