Web 2.0 productivity tools

A roundup of apps & resources to make your day go easier

Target audience: Nonprofits, foundations, social benefit organizations, NGOs, educators, students, journalists, Web publishers, general public.

Following are Web 2.0 tools we’ve come across that have increased our productivity. Part of the early adopters creed is to share discoveries with others. Please add your own recommendations in the comments!

Academic search

Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Document manager

document manager
Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Feed reader

feed reader
Socialbrite recommends:

Instant messaging

Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Personal pages

personal pages
Socialbrite recommends:

Photo editor

photo editor
Socialbrite recommends:

Photo manager

photo manager
Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Video editor

video editor
Socialbrite recommends:

Video podcast player

video podcast player
Socialbrite recommends:

Word processor

word processor
Socialbrite recommends:

Development tool

Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Event manager

Socialbrite recommends:

Expense tracker

Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Feed processor

Socialbrite recommends:

File exchange

file sender
Socialbrite recommends:

File manager

file manager
Socialbrite recommends:

Form designer

form designer
Socialbrite recommends:

Group manager

group manager
Socialbrite recommends:

Mind mapper

mind mapper
Socialbrite recommends:

Music player

music player
Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Office manager

Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Personal organizer

personal organizer
Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Sound mixer

sound mixer
Socialbrite recommends:

Time tracker

time tracker
Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends: Alternatives:

Web conferencing

web conferencing
Socialbrite recommends:


Socialbrite recommends:

Sites and links of note


Education 2.0: A good directory of Web 2.0 teaching tools and resources.

Free Music Directory: Where to find legal, copyright-free music and sound clips for your site or presentation.

Free Photos Directory: Where to find images you can reuse and include in your work or on your site.

Free Video Directory: Where to find video footage you can reuse and include in your work or on your site.

Glossary: A quick, thorough guide to social media terms.

Creative Commons: A quick guide to Creative Commons.

Blog platforms: A comparison of different blogging platforms.

Social media essentials: Essential tools for social media from Essential Keystrokes.

Video translation: Everyzing uses voice recognition technology to tease rough transcripts out of videos, making them more searchable and indexable by search engines.

This page may be used for educational purposes only. Collected from various sources on the Web, particularly the Office 2.0 website. Icons designed by Jakub Steiner for the Tango global linux desktop look. What other cool tools have you discovered? Please add them in the comments.
  • Randy

    GoMeetNow is an interesting tool for web meetings. It supports multi-platform and costs only $12.95/month.Visit http://www.gomeetnow.com/ for more details.

  • Anonymous

    Nice post!!!

  • Jean Dimans

    Hi everyone
    I had been using one system before and then switched to the Workforcetrack.com , and must say that it is the most suitable one, for it has so many business tools to use such as CRM, Project Management, Accounting and Finance, HRMS and many others but the best part is that they have android and iPhone apps, so may control and manage everything even being out. NJoy!

  • Lynne Hand

    Under web conferencing and education I would like to add Second Life to the mix. I think it goes way beyond most Web 2.0 offerings. I currently use it to collaborate with other teachers around the globe and help my online visitors improve their English. With the ability to create and share unique content, run seminars, conferences and lessons, use text, multimedia, video, voice, and groups. Most people think it’s a game, but it’s gone way beyond that. Oh – and it’s free.

  • clockodo Time Tracking

    Another web 2.0 time tracking tool: http://www.clockodo.com

  • Seth

    I’ve been using http://www.mail2world.net as my email provider, They offer Both business and free email. Please add it to the free email list.

  • https://rightsignature.com e-signatures

    I would have loved to see RightSignature in the Document Manager list. They provide free trial for signing upto 5 documents.

  • https://www.inexfinance.com/ Kristine

    Hi, thanks for this helpful collection. I’d like to add https://www.inexfinance.com/ to the Expense tracker category. This is a great web based personal finance software for money management and budget planning.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi all. This is the greatest list, isnt it? Let me point out another tool called KPI.com It has developed several features starting from Project Management, HUman Resource Management System, CRM, etc.

  • http://magnetbymail.com/ Magnet Mailers

    A wonderful, helpful list. Thanks! It might be good to have a section on Press Releases and include links to PRweb, PRnewswire, etc. Also, not sure of the category, but I think the RSS widgets from WebRSS.com are useful to those who’d like to add a newsfeed/ blogfeed to their website — like a Dog Rescue site could have an updated feed for dogs rescues in the news.

  • http://twitter.com/mediaburst Gary Bury

    Thought you might be interested in Timetastic, the online staff leave/ vacation tracker. http://www.timetastic.co.uk

  • Keith

    For projects — http://www.sapstreamwork.com offers great service for free.

  • Alanna

    Thanks for all of the info! Another free ftp solution you can try is JSCAPE’s AnyClient. http://www.anyclient.com

  • http://www.socialmedia.biz/ JD Lasica

    Laura M. writes:

    The 123ContactForm web service helps users build any type of web form and survey as easy as 1-2-3. We focus on usability and 3rd party app integration with services such as MailChimp, SalesForce and VerticalResponse.

    Under your Form designer category, the 123ContactForm platform has over 150.000 active users, among which many non profit organizations and educational societies.

  • http://www.clockmeister.com/ Clockmeister

    Another great app for time tracking is Clockmeister.

  • Sayita

    I would like to know what SocialBrite will recommand as a Social Management Software

  • http://rumblinglankan.com/ Nishadha

    As a drawing tool I think Creately is much better than Gliffy. At least it should get a mention in the list. When doing social media for social good campaigns in Sri Lanka their desktop version came handy in places where there is no Internet connection. Also they have real-time collaboration which comes in very handy when working with groups especially in different locations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Loas/100003256874938 Jo Loas

    Virtual board with sticky notes for planning and organizing work, managing tasks and real-time collaboration http://www.kanbantool.com.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.cree.esq Stephen Cree

    I use http://www.meetingdeck.net to organise and record all my meetings. It’s free and really clean and easy to use.

  • SusanaAppstylus

    I am Susana E Adams, marketing lead for Groupiest. All of the ‘Microblogging’ tools commented are pretty good and I’d love to highlight some information around our own product in order to keep up to date your fabulous list :), Groupiest, can be used as a microblogging tool (http://groupiest.com/?utm_source=socialbrite&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=comment1/ )
    Groupiest is an online tool allowing users to create their own community of interest for FREE through content curation techniques.
    Groupiest enables bloggers/sharers/re-tweeters and likers to:
    – create their own personalized community of interest through their personal domain
    – monetize their knowledge platform through advertising
    – outreach a large audience due to the compatibility with multiple languages
    Groupiest allows you to create your own social network: it’s free, it’s fun, it’s fast!.
    Take a look at a short video on what Groupiest can provide you with: http://youtu.be/b3yeIsCDCCQ I hope this helps :-) and I’d love to hear your feedback!

  • JamieLeePortent

    I’m working with Attachmate, and they offer a managed FTP client, FileXpress:<a href=’http://www.attachmate.com/Products/mft/filexpress/filexpress.htm’>http://www.attachmate.com/Products/mft/filexpress/filexpress.htm</a&gt;

  • http://www.replicon.com/time-clock Time Clock

    How about considering adding Replicon <a href=”http://www.replicon.com/olp/project-management-software.aspx”>project management software</a> to your list?

  • MikeCurtin

    I hope that you will consider adding a site that I am developing, Scattervox (http://www.scattervox.com) to this list.  It is a free poll-creation site with a twist: users “plot” their ideas about people, places, and things on a 2D scattergraph.  It’s like an interactive infographic.  Different – and fun!

  • Toll Free Numbers

    I believe all small business should have business phone service.  If you are one or two employee company or in business where all your staff is on the road, then you don’t really need a business line.  Just get a Toll Free number and it will work on top of your staff personal cell phones.  When they receive a call, it will indicate that it is a business call on their call display so they can answer it professionally.  All your staff can have their own professional voicemail system.  You can monitor how many calls are answered and missed.  I have been usingbusiness phone service from telcan.  Check them out at:  Check out Check out  <a href=”http://www.telcan.net/BusinessPhone/”>Business Phone Service</a>

  • Bach_Furniture

    To give us peace of mind, We use both pingdom and http://www.GotSiteMonitor.com to keep an eye on our website all the time.

  • melissaevans

    Talygen comes as a free trial and offers a number of functional modules that help to increase your business productivity.

  • katrinadan86

    14dayz is a nice online time tracking tool but I recommend Talygen as it is compatible with most of the browsers at present.

  • MaryThomas

    Google Scholar is a great tool for any kind of academic research as you have access to a large library of research papers. I would also recommend visiting http://www.examtime.com as a productivity tool. This website allows you to login online and create study tools for free so it makes learning easier.
    I especially like their min map tool which you can use to plan out your study timetable

  • yovoyovchev

    For drawing alternatives I would suggest:  http://www.floorstyler.com/

  • jeffsimms

    My business recently switched time off tracking systems because we were looking for a system that required less employee training. We’ve found https://www.zarlu.com to be the perfect fit for our company because each page has a virtual tour to guide new employees. It’s kind of a hybrid between the calendar and time tracker categories.

  • http://www.appointment-plus.com/scheduling_software/school_online_appointment_scheduling_software.php Appointment-Plus

    I’d like to recommend Appointment-Plus: http://www.appointment-plus.com under the Scheduler section.

  • Jesicca

    If your budget is limited but you still need to see what your employees are doing, try https:/flapps.com time tracking and absence management tool. Great software for only $3.95 a month. It is best for medium and large companies for its org. chart based approval system, employee performance and payroll reports.

  • http://www.andrewisidoro.co.uk/ Andrew_Isidoro

    We use Fleetsuite in work and it does the job for us across a fair few of these categories like Time Tracking, Invoicing and Scheduling – http://www.fleetsuite.com

  • http://www.e-days.co.uk joss_abbott

    At work, we use e-days to manage holiday and sickness absence – as a HR administrator it’s saved me so much time. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting a easy way to track staff absence at work: http://www.e-days.co.uk

  • vanda111

    I use Timeneye (http://www.timeneye.com).I recommend it because it integrates with Basecamp and lets track time commenting on completed to-dos.
    You can also track time on the go with the mobile companion app.

  • Joss Abbott

    Nice list. Lots of apps on there I shall be checking out. At work we use http://www.e-days.co.uk – it’s quite a good holiday planning tool that lets you see who’s off when.

  • katie Mark

    Love the new Proofhub (https://proofhub.com) UI. Simple, clear and efficient with a minimalist style that works. Can’t wait to see the new proofhub in action!

  • Brian

    WorkZone (www.workzone.com) is another great web-based alternative for project management. Its functionality lies in between the complexity of Microsoft Project and the simplicity of a more basic tool.

  • http://www.deskmeister.com/ deskmeister

    Thank you for this great list! You might want to try and add our invoicing & time tracking solution http://www.deskmeister.com/en. It would be awesome to get some feedback from you. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. Lukas from Deskmeister

  • Greta

    For presentation I recommend Prezi. Also, I would like to add my beloved tool for project and time management – Kanban Tool http://kanbantool.com/

  • Justin

    If you’re running a website, you need to know if it’s working. We use http://www.alertbot.com. Support is US based and awesome!

  • https://www.lucidpress.com/pages/letterhead-examples Juliette Belle

    For network diagrams examples Lucid Chart should be on the list. They are great and so easy to use. Check them out!