January 24, 2012

How to use Facebook as an administrator vs. as a person


Tips for how to toggle between your Facebook Page and personal profile

Target audience: Nonprofits, foundations, social enterprises, cause organizations, NGOs, brands, businesses, Web publishers, educators, journalists, general public.

John HaydonFacebook is a raging river most days. And that raging river can either feel like an exciting ride or a complete terror.

One thing that makes a huge difference is whether you can tie your tiny raft together with other rafts so that together, you achieve more than you could as individuals.

This video shows you how to Facebook (verb) as a Page:

  • How to log in as a Page
  • Viewing your notifications
  • Viewing your most recent fans
  • Viewing a summary of your Page stats
  • Engaging with other Pages in your Page News Feed
  • Re-posting updates from other Pages
  • Tagging other Pages in updates
Are you using Facebook to nurture partnerships?

The difference between posting as a brand and posting as a person on Facebook