August 16, 2011

Moving Planet: 90 seconds of inspiration


Sept. 24: A day of climate action to move beyond fossil fuels

Guest post by Chaitanya Kumar

Take a look at the video above. You probably know that people around the world are getting ready for Moving Planet, the big, bold, beautiful day of climate action that’s happening this Sept. 24. But chances are, there are some people in your network who don’t yet know about the big day.

This video lays out an inspiring vision that can help spread the movement far and wide: Take 90 seconds to watch it, and then share it with everyone you know.

On Sept. 24, we’ll come together in every nation on earth to show that we’re moving the planet beyond fossil fuels. The diversity of events will be remarkable: People are planning marches large and small, bike parades that deliver petitions demanding a clean energy future, and even a kite-powered protest on the beach. Continue reading

April 22, 2009

Carbon footprints, nation by nation

Breathing Earth

kiwanjaJust in time for Earth Day: the site Breathing Earth, which is described as a “real-time simulation which displays CO2 emissions from every country in the world, as well as their birth and death rates.” The data used comes from reputable sources, although the site admits that a simulation on this scale can never be 100% accurate. Worryingly, they note that the CO2 emission levels shown are much more likely to be too low than too high. Yikes.

This is a fascinating site, and one which throws up numbers on a scale large enough to scare the best of us. Since I started writing this brief blog post, for example, the world population has risen by over 2,000 and total CO2 emissions have exceeded an incredible 760,000 tons. The United States alone was responsible for approximately 175,000 of that.

If you ever need reminding of the relentless march of global population growth, and the increasing impact that our growing numbers are having on the planet, there can’t be many sites better than this.

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