June 18, 2012

How to prune and improve your Twitter following

Is it time to prune your Twitter garden? Credit:

UnTweeps: Unfollow unloyal followers

I started with UnTweeps, a tool that allowed me to unfollow any and all followers who have not tweeted in X-number of days. I started with 30 days and worked up from there. There’s a free version as well as a very inexpensive subscription or single-pay model you can conveniently pay for using PayPal (3-day non-recurring subscription for $1.37, 1 month non-recurring subscription for $6.49, monthly recurring subscription for only $5 and a 1 year non-recurring subscription for $35).

ManageFlitter: Strategic filtering

Next, I explored ManageFlitter, a tool that also allows you to strategically follow, unfollow and white-list folks depending on their not following you back, not having a profile image (just a default egg), having a non-English-speaking profile, being inactive for more than 30 days, being overly talkative, overly quiet or having a “bad ratio,” which is to say, when an account follows way more people than follows it back. I really like ManageFlitter for its versatility. It offers most of its functions for free but I recommend contributing some to their project, and there are quite a few added functions if you become a pro member — $12/month for one user and $24/month for two to five users. What’s really cool with MF is that they offer a thing they call “Google+ To Twitter,” which allows all Google Plus posts to cross-post to Twitter — with a host of amazing settings.

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