June 25, 2013

Engaging volunteers through social media


Content strategy basics for optimizing your volunteers’ contributions

Guest post by Robert Rosenthal
Vice President, Communications & Marketing, VolunteerMatch

robertrosenthalFrom designing volunteer opportunities, to recruiting new volunteers, to creating risk management policies, to screening volunteers, to recognizing great supporters, there are a lot of elements to successfully engaging volunteers with your organization. Not all of these elements easily translate to the social media realm.

However, there are two key areas of volunteer engagement – recruitment and recognition – that are such great matches for social media that it’s worth a second look no matter how your organization is structured.

Your big question is, why should you engage volunteers via social media? And another thing: How can you harness your content to work for you while doing so? Here’s my rationale for bringing together your social media and volunteer engagement strategies, and a few simple ideas for making it all work. Continue reading