October 2, 2012

3 simple, practical social media tips for nonprofits

Tried & true techniques — plus a conference discount code

Target audience: Nonprofits, cause organizations, foundations, NGOs, social enterprises.

Guest post by Ritu Sharma
Social Media for Nonprofits

As Social Media for Nonprofits, the country’s only conference series devoted to social media for social good, plans its Oct. 5 return to the nation’s capital, we thought it would be helpful to share three of the simplest, most practical tips some of our 100+ presenters (including Socialbrite’s JD Lasica and John Haydon) have shared with the 3,500+ nonprofits we’ve educated and empowered to date.

Optimal times for email and social media posts

1With email, the guiding rule is that you don’t want to be unread message number 38 of 62 when someone gets back to work from the weekend, so the best time to blast your list is mid-morning or mid-afternoon Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  On the other hand, with social media, your Facebook posts and tweets should be timed to catch people in their downtime. 8:45am when they’re on their way into work, 12:30pm when they’re checking their iPhone eating a burrito, 5:30pm on the bus ride home, and according to research, the single best time to post during the week is 9:30-11pm, after the kids go to sleep.  Of course you should experiment with your own unique base and see what works, plus bear in mind what time zone(s) they’re in and try out on weekends. Continue reading