March 9, 2015

Three simple ways to dramatically increase website traffic from Facebook

Three Simple Ways to Dramatically Increase Website Traffic From Facebook


Although Facebook has decreased newsfeed exposure (reach) for Facebook Pages, they have increased newsfeed exposure for links people share with their Facebook friends.


Right now, take a look at your own News Feed and look at the number of links from friends versus links from Pages. My News Feed has 1 link (or less) from a Page for every 10 links from friends. Clearly, Facebook puts my friends first in the News Feed.

All this link-sharing has made Facebook the number one source of social referral traffic. In fact, a recent study from Shareaholic shows that Facebook now drives more than 25% of all website traffic (see below).

shareaholic social media traffic referrals

An excellent example of a nonprofit using a blog for content marketing is To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization that gives hope and help to people struggling with depression, addiction and suicide. They publish posts every day that are bothinspiring and useful. Check out the most recent posts:


How Does Blogging Increase Website Traffic?

When people read TWLOHA’s posts, quite naturally some click “like” if they like what they’re reading.

Each time this happens, an update is posted in Facebook’s news feed, driving Facebook visitors back to the website (as shown below).

twloha - fb post

But these are not just any website visitor. They are friends that your community invited to your website when they clicked a like button!  They are birds of a similar feather, which you want.

Three Ways to Increase Website Traffic From Facebook

So where do you start? After you’re confident that your website has content worth sharing, begin by adding like buttons, sharing prompts, and Facebook comments.

1. Add Like Buttons to Your Website Content

Putting a like button on all of your website content is probably the number one way to drive website traffic from Facebook, in the long run.

You can add Facebook like buttons to your content by generating code on Facebook’s developer site (shown below). If you use WordPress, you can choose from a variety of plugins that automatically add like buttons to your content (I like JetPack).

facebook like button app

2. Add Facebook Sharing Popups to Your Website Content

Let’s say you have a big event coming up, and you want to drive your community (and their friends) to a landing page about the campaign. You have many ways that you’ll be doing this, including making it easy for people to share that landing page with their friends.

You can do this easily and strategically by embedding sharing links in various webpages and blog post on your website.

To create Facebook sharing links, follow these instructions:

  1. Type the following link in a plain text document:
  2. Enter your landing page URL after “?u=“. For example, creates a news feed post (as shown below).
  3. Embed URL into text or image
  4. Test sharing

best friends facebook sharer

3. Add Facebook Commenting to your Website Content

Another way you can drive more traffic to your website is by adding Facebook commenting two webpages on your website. Like the like button, each time someone leaves a comment using the Facebook comment plug-in, a link to your website is shared on Facebook.

You can create code using Facebook’s comments plugin, or if you use WordPress, you can use a WordPress plugin.

What do you think?

Comment below with your brilliant idea, question, or cool example of a nonprofit website.

August 28, 2012

5 ways to make your website content more remarkable

Tips for making your website a more powerful engine

Target audience: Nonprofits, cause organizations, foundations, NGOs, social enterprises, businesses, general public.

John HaydonWhen it comes to marketing on the Internet, your website is your primary marketing machine. It’s the headwaters people go to when they want to swim upstream and find out what you’re really about. It’s also the place where you convert email subscribers, donors and volunteers. Following are five things you can start doing today to amp up your material and make your website content more remarkable.

Tell meaningful stories

1Have you ever wondered why getting people to volunteer and donate seems so difficult? It’s not necessarily that the economy sucks or that your cause is unsexy. It’s about motivating people by telling a story that moves them. Motion requires emotion.

Creating emotional stories is easier when you keep these tips in mind:

  • Bigger than you – Stories that matter are bigger than you and your organization. It’s in the eyes of your people. Check out the story that GLAAD is telling with their timeline for inspiration.
  • Include your supporters – A well-written story comprises the chapters that your supporters have written. Take a look at how Livestrong does this.
  • Stay positive – The story that you tell should ultimately empower and encourage people. When things seem darkest, you can brighten your own way by lighting another person’s candle.
  • Plot points – Make sure your stories have a beginning, middle and end (conflict, challenge, resolution) to keep readers engaged.
  • Protagonist – Your stories should have an underdog that people can personally identify with. Use personas to help you fill in the details about these characters.

Use second-person narrative

2Use second-person narrative to speak more directly to your reader. The Internet is a solitary medium where individuals – not groups – read content. Rewrite your copy as if you’re writing a personal email to one of your constituents. Read more about second-person narrative here. Continue reading