March 27, 2010

12 great nonprofits & causes to follow on Twitter

By Brandy Scoggan
Socialbrite staff

Folks in the nonprofit and social good space just starting out on Twitter don’t want to begin with a blank slate. So we poked around and came up with this list of 12 can’t-miss nonprofits & causes to follow on Twitter.

This roundup should get you going, but don’t stop here — you can use Twitter Lists to explore scores or hundreds of other worthy organizations and individuals on Twitter. You’ll want to take note of which their campaigns or causes to follow — say, environmental issues, human rights or education — and then decide if you like the content of their tweets.

A good starting place is Jason Pollock’s list of nonprofit organizations on Listorious or Socialbrite’s list of change-makers, which focuses more on individuals than nonprofits.

Here are 12 social good organizations that caught our eye: Bringing clean water to those who lack it (@water) (image above) is a nonprofit concerned with empowering and working with communities to meet their own water and sanitation needs. Their efforts are focused in Asia, Africa and Central America. A lot of big celebrity names are involved in this one — it’s a fantastic campaign and worth following. # of Twitter followers: 339,558


Twestival: One cause at a time (@twestival)

Twestival had its third event Thursday night in about 175 cities, raising more than $310,000 to benefit Concern Worldwide. Amazing event, great cause, fabulous concept and campaign. Click on the link Twestival campaign to see a really cool Twestival video. # of Twitter followers: 247,068


Donors Choose: Supporting public education (@Donorschoose)

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit that connects donors to public classrooms in need. Teachers post materials they need, donors help them out on an individualized basis, and then teachers and students often circle back with notes of thanks. It’s the model for future philanthropy. # of Twitter followers: 4,514.

kiva logo

Kiva: Providing loans to entrepreneurs worldwide (@kiva)

Kiva‘s mission is to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty. They act as a liaison between a global marketplace of philanthropic individuals, lending $25 at a time, and entrepreneurs looking to fund a small business. Their program helps lift people in developing countries out of poverty. # of Twitter followers: 343,216.

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