10 testimonials for Socialbrite

Kate Moynihan, head of development and communications for San Francisco Goodwill, talks about the organization’s experience with the social strategy created by Socialbrite.


Praise for Socialbrite’s consulting work & workshops

Interested in taking your social media outreach and fundraising to the next level? Socialbrite offers a world-class team of social media experts who specialize in developing custom social strategies to identify and engage your nonprofit’s supporters.

Socialbrite named one of Best 25 Social Media for Social Good BlogsOur clients have been uniformly positive in their praise of the work we’ve done on their behalf — in creating communications and marketing strategies, building social presences, designing social websites, creating tools, running campaigns and putting on workshops and bootcamps for executives and staffs.

We’re a pretty modest group, but we thought we’d share with you some of the feedback we’ve gotten:

1“Socialbrite has helped Goodwill transform how we storytell. A year on, we have a website that looks beautiful and we actually have a full social media strategy. Now we actually interface and use the Internet to share information, engage our community, crowdsource ideas … and bridge into the 21st century use of social technology. We’re also changing how we relate to one another as a team. Everybody has been empowered to tell their story.”
— Kathleen Moynihan, Development & Communications chief, Goodwill Industries of San Francisco

“I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from JD for the past year. His expertise, creativity and collaborative style of working have yielded some major advancements in Goodwill Industries of San Francisco’s social media platform, strategies and impact. Our new website is far more impactful and the analytics on views and usage are excellent. We experienced our highest return in online giving in 2011. Our overall social media plan is well into implementation with outstanding results. On a personal note, JD’s mentoring of me and my executive and senior teams has resulted in building a new network of colleagues, collaborators, and partners committed to advancing our mission. Finally, JD is great fun to work with and I highly recommend him.”
— Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez, President & CEO, Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin

2“Socialbrite is an encyclopedic site of online tools created by 8 non-profit experts, and designed specifically for non-profits. This site is geared specifically to helping non-profits achieve their social media goals, by outlining the best tactics and tools available. Their community offers a great support mechanism to bounce ideas off of philanthropic professionals in addition to asking advice. The importance of this resource cannot be stressed enough, and includes a comprehensive list of non-profit social media tools, analytics for tracking charity-based mentions, a free multimedia library, and more.”
Social Technology Review magazine

3Hear what Chris Noble, president of Causemedia Group, said after attending a social media bootcamp we put on: “What I like about your bootcamps is that you present useful information that I can act on right away and you always offer [landing pages] where people can dig deeper.”


4Hear what Jeff Pfaff, founder & CEO of mtbMobile, said about taking a social media bootcamp we put on in this 60-second audio clip: “It was almost like being assisted in a library and being shown where the books are. It’s a launchpad into so much more information. You taught us how to fish in the social media world.”


5The social media webinar I sat in on today was awesome! I’ve been doing work with my non-profit for 5 years now and have attended several social media presentations at workshops, conferences, etc. Nothing I’ve done before has covered what JD did. I’m much more confident about creating a a strategy that will convince my higher-ups that we’ve got to use social media with our other components of communication. I’ll be moving soon from education into development and marketing and this gives me a big head start. Many thanks!
— Michael D. Dotson, Environmental Education Director
American River Conservancy and Epic Sierra Adventures

JD is the man with the social media plan! Every click of his laser pointer introduced a new insight. I was not a social media novice — I blog, I tweet, and yes, iPad — yet JD led me to many surprising and useful new resources on the web. Thank you for the new toys, JD!
— Keith Rizzardi, law professor, blogger & tweeter after bootcamp at 2012 ASPA conference

Thanks to JD Lasica of Socialbrite for a great webinar. Learned a ton of useful things for my org Crossroads for Kids.
— Jeanne Tilley, Development and Communications Coordinator, Crossroads4Kids

This is one of the BEST webinars I’ve taken on social media for nonprofits! THANK YOU!
— Carroll Burney, VP of Marketing, Girls Inc. of Tarrant County

6Causecast can definitely vouch for the great value that Socialbrite provides nonprofits. Very resourceful site & blog! Woot woot.
— Reena De Asis, Causecast

“It was almost like being assisted in a library and being shown where the books are. It’s a launchpad into so much more information. You taught us how to fish in the social media world.”

7“Socialbrite founder JD Lasica is a thought leader for our generation in many areas, a kind of a socially responsible technology guru who many of us look up to with high regard. To work around him in an incubator setting where we could collaborate and focus on innovation, strategy and new ideas was an honor. I learned a great deal from him, and I know others on this project also greatly benefited by his presence and contributions. I look forward to the chance to work with JD again. He is an amazing colleague!”
— Marc Smolowitz, filmmaker and technology consultant

8“J.D.’s presentation at the Foundation Center made it critically clear that social media is essential to NPOs not only for survival, but also to thrive. This tool needs to be budgeted for in both time, money and personnel. I can see the dual role of employee motivation when this is integrated into your NPO’s culture. JD has provided invaluable resources here!”
— Karyn Noel, former Director of Finance, San Francisco Conservation Corps

9“A brilliant futurist, with great ideas published and on several blogs and media outlets, JD is strongly recommended for all the incredible work that’s been performed to date, and all that will come forward in the coming years.”
— Chris Brogan, co-author of “Trust Agents” and president of Human Business Works

10“JD Lasica has decades of experience in consulting and marketing. He was an early adopter and advocate of social media and is today recognized as a thought-leader in the space. Lasica also embraced the power of Web 2.0 to do good in the non-profit sector, founding the social media consulting group Socialbrite that serves non-profits in a variety of capacities to share insight, increase awareness and engagement.” … On John Haydon: “He is a non-profit partner to several organizations, frequent contributor to HuffPo, speaker and instructor.”
— Social Technology Review, naming JD Lasica & John Haydon to its list of Top 100 Influencers in Social Media

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