June 11, 2009

A public RSS reader for you!

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Amy Sample WardWhen it comes to nptech, or nonprofit technology, there are more blogs and organizations and resources than any one person can find, let alone keep track of!  I’m no exception.  I’m overwhelmed daily, just like everyone else, by the amount of information that’s available from, for and about our sector of technology and social benefit. 

So, my response is simple: I want to share my RSS reader with you. What’s in my brain can be in yours!

Amy Sample Ward’s Version of RSS



This is just a starting place. There are other places you can go to find more blogs and resources as well, like Alltop and even WeAreMedia. So, why did I do this? I want to help support those just starting to investigate the options of social technologies for social change work, as well as give something back to those already invested and contributing to the community. Opening up my RSS reader (well, except for my mom’s blog and that kind of thing!) is something I have wanted to do for a while because it

  1. provides an opportunity for me to offer a bit of value back to the larger tech+change community that is so valuable to me
  2. is aligned with my core values of collaboration and sharing
  3. creates a chance to improve this collection of feeds by and with my community


My public RSS reader is built on Netvibes, which is a free, web-based RSS reader. This is a place to find blogs or RSS feeds from research or organizational websites – all focused on the large intersection of social technologies and social benefit work. This is free to use and publicly accessible. As you’ll see, it has many different tabs to try to help with the information overload of juggling so many great content sources.  Check it out!

Join me!

I would love for you to visit the public RSS reader, but even more so, I would love for you to suggest feeds that should be part of it! You can either comment on the News & Resources page, or email me with your suggestions.
Amy Sample Ward connects nonprofits with new media technologies. See her business profile, contact Amy or leave a comment.

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