July 31, 2009

Empowering youth with social media

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Amy Sample WardRecently, Bebo hosted an all-day event for members of the No to Knives and Crime Coalition, as well as others working in the sector of positive youth engagement in London and beyond.  I want to share my slides and notes here for those who attended as well as for all those out there who didn’t.

My presentation (above) concentrated on a few case studies where certain technologies were the appropriate tools for engagement and aided work to connect, empower, and educate youth communities.

There are really just so many great examples for this topic.  If you are looking for more examples about social media and communications technologies applied to youth empowerment, here are some additional links/groups to check out:

After the case studies, I focused in on two aspects of the strategy building that are most important:

The Audience: If you do your research (even if you are “sure” you already know), you can identify your audience, those you already talk to and those you don’t. You can figure out how best to communicate, and how (both the medium and the words).  You can see more about this in the slides above.

The Goals: Yes, we all want to, in this case, fight knife crime; but that’s not our goal.  Take the time to identify your goals focused on living in and inviting youth to co-create a community without knife crime.  There is more about goals in the slides above.

If you would like to view the presentation above with the speaker notes included, click here.

What do you think? Has your organization tackled issues in the youth community and used new technologies to support your work? Share your story – we’d love to hear it!

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2 thoughts on “Empowering youth with social media

  1. Hi Amy,

    I'm creating a resource for young teens around health sexuality and relationships, drugs, health issues etc and I'm going to use a comic type format, maybe with social media online as well. Did you come by any comic book based sites?

    Thanks for this list, it was very useful and I'll definitely share with my colleagues and networks.

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