August 27, 2009

How to add a Facebook Page Fanbox to your site

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These easy-to-create widgets are a breeze to customize

John HaydonThe Facebook Page Fanbox is a social widget that converts casual website visitors into fans of your Facebook Page. The Fanbox does this with three key features:

• Streams content from your Facebook Page onto your website.

• Displays your current fans.

• Enables visitors to “become a fan” of your Facebook Page with one mouse click.

Embedding this widget on your website or blog is an absolute must — for any social media strategy. Plus, it’s very easy to create!

How to place a Facebook Fan Box on your website or blog

  • Configure Fanbox
  • Copy code
  • Paste code

Once you have installed your Facebook Fanbox, you’ll want to customize it slightly.

How to customize your Facebook Fan Box

  • Change the width of the Fanbox
  • Change the number of fans displayed
  • Remove redundant text
  • Show or hide specific elements

In what other ways are you using a Fanbox? John Haydon delivers social web strategy solutions for “the quick, the smart, and the slightly manic.” Curious? Then visit the John Haydon blog, follow him on Twitter or leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “How to add a Facebook Page Fanbox to your site

  1. We launched a new "Connect" page at Cross-Cultural Solutions just last week which features a Facebook Fan Box. It doesn't have our Page's status updates just because it makes the Connect page look a bit busy, but it shows 14 random profile pics of our fans, which is nice. Check it out at

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