October 30, 2009

8 Twitter Lists nonprofits should create

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Amy Sample WardToday Lauren Cochrane has a great post with ideas for lists that organizations could create with Twitter’s new List function. Lists just rolled out to all of Twitter today! You can read more about Lists on the Twitter Blog here.

Lauren outlines 7 Lists that organizations may find useful, including:

  • Your organization’s chapters and campaigns.
  • Related international organizations and campaigns.
  • Organizations that are somewhat related to your organisation.
  • Celebrities, politicians and others with a high profile.
  • Media.
  • Volunteers.
  • Retweeters and people who have contacted you.

As I added to Lauren’s post in the comments, I think there’s a lot of opportunity for organizations to leverage the List functionality for boosting visibility of their work and finding new supporters. Think about the way Facebook Fan pages work, the way we see when others add a Fan page and we may join as well, and so on. This kind of visibility work taps people’s desire to be cause-related in self identity.

Here’s my idea for an organizational visibility campaign using Lists:

8. Create a list for supporters. (Make sure it’s a public list, and link to it from your website and elsewhere.) Encourage people who want to be included on that list to publicly @reply to you and say why they support you. Then, add them to the list.

So, they’ve already publicly promoted you to their whole followers list and as a member of the list can feel a bit more connected with the organization (to retweet messages in the future, help promote campaigns or other projects, etc.).

What do you think? Would love to hear if you have other ideas about using Lists for organizations. Have you used Lists yet?

This post originally appeared at Amy Sample Ward’s Version of NPTech

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3 thoughts on “8 Twitter Lists nonprofits should create

  1. I think this is a great idea. When I worked for the Genocide Intervention Network, we used a similar strategy to raise our profile on MySpace, with the reward being listed in our "top friends." Lending organizational visibility to your top supporters is a great way to bring people further toward the center of your network and begin to deepen their commitment.

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