January 22, 2010

3 Twitter shortcuts: SocialOomph, Twitterfeed, CoTweet

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This is part of the series the 31 Day Challenge To Optimize Your Blog With Social Media.

John HaydonIn this short screencast, I’ll show you a few automated Twitter techniques that are probably grounds for you taking out a restraining order against me.

We’ll begin with SocialOomph (formerly TweetLater), a way to auto-follow back the people who follow you on Twitter. While Twitter management frowns on such tools, they come in handy for overworked, time-strapped nonprofits that have little reason to be choosy about whom to follow back.

Next, Twitterfeed, which can be used generously to promote other people’s blog post — for example, Rebecca Leaman‘s.

Finally, CoTweet, used by many Twitterers to post a tweet later instead of right now.

All of these offer free basic versions.

You can also watch this video, 3 Twitter techniques I shouldn’t be showing you, on Blip.tv.

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4 thoughts on “3 Twitter shortcuts: SocialOomph, Twitterfeed, CoTweet

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  2. John, John, John… cheque's in the mail ;)

    I've been playing with CoTweet lately, now you mention it – lots of potential there for nonprofits who have staff or volunteers taking it in shifts to man their Twitter account, or for Twitter users who have to juggle both a personal and an organization's account. There are a few usability issues that send me over to the Twitter website accidentally with the odd unwary click, but on balance I think it's a real timesaver, even beyond the ability to schedule updates.

  3. Let's not forget Tweetspinner (free and/or $15.00/month and you get alot for it!) and NutshellMail.com. I use them both! Nutshellmail is a great tool to manage your daily feeds from Twitter,FaceBook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Gmail and other emails. You can then schedule to receive a summary of all your activities a few times per day so you can respond in a timely manner! I love it!