July 8, 2010

How to link your Facebook Page to your donation page

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Photo by Bryan Veloso

John HaydonOne critical feature of your nonprofit Facebook Page is giving your connections easy ways to donate to one of your causes.

It’s easy to post a link to your donation page in your status update, but it’s not a long-term solution. After all, status updates get buried within a day or two, maybe even hours if you have an active fan base.

There are at least three ways to link your Facebook Page to a fundraising application.

  1. Include a link within your info tab. Pro: Very easy. Con: No one visits info tabs.
  3. Use a Facebook fundraising app. Pro:Integrates with Facebook. Con: Running two donation platforms.
  5. Create a custom tab. Pro: Uses your existing donation platform. Con: Requires custom work. See the following.

Creating a custom donation tab: Easy and hard

  • Easy – Use the Static FBML application with a linked image that points directly to your donation page. The image should include a call to action to donate and share the donation app.
  • Hard – Create a sweet-looking tab by hiring a Facebook Page designer, like Inbound Zombie. ;-)

Custom Facebook fundraising tabs are relatively easy to create – check out the Facebook Landing Tab Wiki by Debra Askanase for tips, resources and examples.

What else would work? Leave a comment below.

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