August 2, 2010

Set up a social media dashboard with HootSuite

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John HaydonThe screencast above helps nonprofits take advantage of HootSuite‘s new capabilities. As I say in this short tutorial, it’s one tool to manage your organization’s presence across a wide range of social networks. Very cool.

One of HootSuite’s advantages over rival apps like Tweetdeck and Seesmic is that it’s entirely Web-based, and the company takes advantage of Ajax — a programming protocol — to let you drag and drop to your heart’s content.

Have you used HootSuite? What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Set up a social media dashboard with HootSuite

  1. Hootsuite is awesome! You can monitor multiple social media accounts and view them in tabs. They are primarily a Twitter account manager, but basic support for Facebook, Facebook Pages, MySpace, WordPress and LinkedIn is there. My top ten Hootsuite

    10. You can share the work by having multiple logins for different people.
    9. A word counter, url shrinker and attachment portal included in the update portal.
    8. You can schedule tweets
    7. For Twitter, clicking on a username will allow you to follow, list, DM, view tweets and mentions, etc.
    6. You can customize feed refreshing
    5. It shows conversations.
    4. Monitor your brand/org via keyworks.
    3. You can lay out your twitter lists and view them side-by-side
    2. View stats
    1. The Hootsuite mascot, located in the upper left hand corner of the web app, blinks and it is sooo cute!

    • I'm starting to use Hootsuite again too, Marlina, because of all the functionality and the fact that i like their Ajaxy goodness. :~)

  2. Following over 1,000 people is incredibly overwhelming and you’ll never keep up with them all, which is why I use HootSuite and obsessively made and followed lists to keep my followers in check.

    It’s hard to go through all your followers though and start listing, and I always advise people to organize those they engage with first. I have a list of all the people who I regularly talk to on Twitter. I have another list for people who comment on my blog. Start there and work your way out. Then, the next time you start following someone, see if they can fit into a list.

    My Blog tab is my most important and includes columns of all the people I talk to regularly, clients, blog readers… Everyone should create something similar in HS to make sure you’re not missing info from those who engage with you the most!

    Great post :)

    • We are just starting to use HootSuite for our new site and I am going to absolutely be taking your advice on the lists. Thanks so much for sharing!