October 19, 2010

13 top Facebook apps for your nonprofit

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John HaydonTo help you get the most out of your Facebook Page, there are several applications you should check out. You may have heard of some of them, but there may be a few others you didn’t know about.

I hope this list is helpful. Have your own favorite? Please add it in the comments below.

  • Twitter App – This app automatically re-posts your tweets in your Facebook Page status. A big time-saver, but a potential bother to your connections if you use Twitter a lot, or if you tweet about topics that aren’t related to your Page.
  • Selective Tweets – This app allows to you to selectively post a status update on your Facebook Page from Twitter simply by adding the hashtag #fb.
  • Facebook Notes – Allows you to create formatted text with images, links to a post or add an RSS feed from your blog. Set it and forget it!
  • Blog RSS Feed Reader – This a bit more robust than the Notes app. You can add an image for your feed, add multiple feeds and even send out alerts to friends of new updates.
  • Flash Player – This app allows you to upload Flash videos or games to your Page, which can create a highly customized experience for your fans.
  • Static FBML – This app allows you to add certain types of HTML within a custom tab that can be named to match your brand.
  • Extended Info – This app works much like the Static FBML application but is slightly easier to use. You can add lists, images, videos and other pre-formatted sections to a custom tab.
  • Fundrazr – This app makes it easy for your supporters to fund-raise for your cause. You can sell tickets to events, communicate to members and event track results with an analytics feature. They also have a great relationship with PayPal.
  • Giving Impact – This is a donation engine that you can integrate into your existing website, but they also have a Facebook Page app that looks extremely robust. Nonprofits would also be wise to investigate their Giving Impact Grant program.
  • MyFlickr – Display your Flickr photos on Facebook so that your connections can view them, comment on them, and tag them without leaving your Facebook Page.
  • YouTube Video Box – This app is pretty straightforward. Search for videos, add them to a custom tab and share them easily on with your connections.
  • Poll Daddy Polls – An easy way to increase engagement and understand your fan base is with simple polls (yes / no, three choices). This app also has a sharing element to it: As soon as users vote, they are given a choice to share their vote with their friends.
  • The Wall – The most powerful Facebook Page app out there.

There are also many more Facebook Page applications for nonprofits at App Bistro, a marketplace of Facebook tab applications.

What apps are you using?John Haydon delivers social web strategy solutions for “the quick, the smart, and the slightly manic.” Curious? Then visit the John Haydon blog, follow him on Twitter or leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “13 top Facebook apps for your nonprofit

  1. Great post, John! I am using a large marjority of these apps for the Facebook page I administer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. I think apps really help brand a Facebook page, engage with fans and communicate messaging. Apps have definitely helpes take the organization's Faebook page to new levels.

    I have been thinking about doing a poll as well.

  2. Of course the above apps are all important to make the nonprofit's page more effective but how the potential donor can make a difference…
    I would suggest the 'ammado giving' app (www.facebook.com/givenow) to make donations directly on the nonprofit's page.. One can donate in almost any currency using 10s of languages… This will be really useful for nonprofits to receive donations directly on facebook..