10 thoughts on “4 resources to create custom Facebook tabs with iFrames

  1. Hey John! Thanks for the mention. We really are working hard on iFrames and have found that users are going to have WAY more options than we could ever allow in the FBML version. We are now looking at Friday as a launch however due to some development issues and connections…no worries though…we almost have it ready!! =]

    Thanks again!
    David Foster | iFrameEngine

  2. Love the links and thanks for posting John. More people need to know you can differentiate your self on facebook and not just be another while/blue drone.

  3. Many businesses now rely on Facebook pages as a primary business channel.
    As a part-time freelance, I’ve had a countless number of fan page projects sent to me.
    I do not consider myself an amatuer in the realm of programming, but, still, I find these jobs a daunting task.
    At times, the unpredictability nature of the final output (when viewed on different browsers) haunts me in my sleep… ummm … ok, I admit… not as much as images of my ex, but still.
    It’s beyond one’s comprehension how many startup’s are looking to have their pages up everyday.
    I’ve seen apps that allow users to build pages by asking them to select page contents from a list of available few features, but that means you’re restrained to a limited number of options.
    I’m not even remotely close to being a world-renowned computer scientist, nor am I Richie Rich, but I still want to dedicate myself to doing something for others. And, that is The Rise of the Empire, oh… umm… I meant this site http://www.propplan.com/#!/propplan/home/Facebook

    Now, you can stop worrying about the escrow amount or the total cost of your page. Propplan invites you to create page tabs for free.
    Design your page on Propplan and have it published as a tab on your fan page immediately.
    To maximize consumer engagement, all elements placed on your page can be assigned a redirect link and animation.
    Have fun!!!

  4. For those who want to engage your Facebook fans easily, check out this simple tool called Tint (http://tintup.com) .
    It lets you aggregate any social feed (even social feeds you don’t own) and lets you embed it into your Facebook page, giving your fans dynamic content to engage with.
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