• Marion

    Thanks Robin, these are excellent rules not only for nonprofits but for anyone who wants to get the most out of Twitter.

  • stacy

    According to twitter @breadrobin no longer exists- too bad, I would have liked to have followed her

  • I especially like #1, #4, and #9.

    During the 2008 campaign, I followed Barack Obama on twitter and was immediately followed back. It was an automated response, but even that was exciting for me.

    I’ve seen #FollowFriday happen a lot and been the recipient of it, but haven’t implemented it myself. I’ll give that a try this week.

    Nice list!


  • leah mcgrath

    More or less agree w/ all and will share w/ some Non-Profits that would benefit. I would say that your point about how many characters should be lessened. If you tweet in anything close to 140 characters than people won't have space to comment when they RT or mention you. I usually recommend about 120-125 at most.

  • Great points and I agree with Leah’s comment, its pretty important to keep tweets to a max length of 120 when you really want to encourage a RT.