April 4, 2012

Socialbrite strategists’ sessions at NTC

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Beth Kanter and John Haydon at the Nonprofit Technology Conference. (Image by cambodia4kidsorg)

If you’re attending, please stop by and participate today & Thursday

JD LasicaFour of Socialbrite’s strategists will be speaking at the Nonprofit Technology Conference — the year’s biggest nonprofit tech event — which concludes today and tomorrow in San Francisco. We might have the largest crew speaking on panels or leading sessions at NTC. But we haven’t been publicizing that fact much, because that’s not how we roll.

Socialbrite has already received a lot of love at NTC because of the thousands of free resources and tutorials we’ve made available to the nonprofit community since 2009. But it’s worth letting NTC attendees know which speakers we’ve got on tap, since there’s just so much going on at the conference!

Wednesday, April 4

Today, look for the following sessions:

Online Organizing for a Cause/Movement Building (hashtag #12NTCOnOrg on Twitter). Debra Askanse, 10:30 am to noon today, Cyril Magnin I (Parc 55 hotel).

Come and meet your fellow nptech-ers who are working in community building, movement building, and developing online organizing campaigns. Find support and as a place to discuss challenges, issues, online campaigns, and the brass tacks of how to build movements online. If you’ve ever developed an online campaign to develop leaders and recruit stakeholders for your cause, or want to learn more about it from your fellow online organizers, join us for this Birds of a Feather discussion.

Fellow panelists: Avi Kaplan of Rad Campaign and Charles Lenchner of Organizing 2.0.

Designing Online Engagement to Collaborate With Your Community (hashtag #12NTCCollab on Twitter). Debra Askanase, 1:30-3pm today, Yosemite B (Hilton).

You can design online engagement to unleash your evangelists. In this workshop, we’ll focus on all aspects of designing high-value, engaging, and participatory content that creates a partnership with your fans. A true evangelist is moved to create, is a seamless co-creator with your organization, and motivated spreader of content. Successful organizations intentionally design and construct multiple online channels that enable access for all fans and develop paths for relationship reciprocity and trust, fostering true evangelists.

Fellow panelists: Amy Sample Ward of NTEN and Vanessa Rhinesmith of StartSomeGood.

Personal & Professional Brand in Social Media (hashtag #12NTCPPB on Twitter). John Haydon (co-author of “Facebook for Dummies,” 3:30-5 pm today, Golden Gate 6 (Hilton).

Are you proudly representing your organization, seamlessly blending your personal and professional persona online? Or are you scared stiff that someone will figure out that your old beloved handle “bunnykiller” actually belongs to you, the Executive Director of the Animal Protection and Welfare Society? Are you stymied by your organization’s social media policy, annoyed that you can’t discuss politics, religion, and sports online? Do you juggle multiple online accounts in order to express yourself authentically in different spheres of your life, or have you embraced a modified authenticity, knowing that your grandma might be listening in? Do you behave differently on different platforms? Come discuss these issues and many more. Tell us your real life successes and failures.

Fellow panelist: Laura Norvig, ETR Associates.

Thursday, April 5

On Thursday, look for these sessions:

You Need a Strategy, Dammit, Not a Twitter Account (hashtag #12NTCDammit on Twitter), led by yours truly and Carla Schlemminger of Socialbrite. 10:30 am to noon, Plaza Room A (Hilton).

Sure, your nonprofit has a Facebook or Twitter account. So why aren’t you getting traction with social media? It all begins with a strategy. Nonprofit consultants J.D. Lasica and Carla Schlemminger of Socialbrite will map out the essential ingredients of a Social Media Strategic Plan that’s aligned with your mission, that enhances your fundraising efforts, and that’s integrated with development and marketing. We see a lot of industry events focus on tools and tactics, but your nonprofit needs a strategy to steer your team toward your organizational goals in the social media era. In this highly interactive session, J.D. and Carla will offer concrete steps and actionable advice and resources to help your organization create immediate and long-term impact.

What’s Right and What’s Wrong with Nonprofit Data Today (hashtag #12NTCDDTL on Twitter). Debra Askanse, 10:30 am to noon Thursday, Franciscan C (Hilton).

This session will provide tips, techniques and lively discussion for guiding decisions about contacts, donors, members, and advocacy constituents. Data-Driven Technology Leadership will use case studies, recommended metrics, and engaging experience-sharing to help you provide direction to your organization on effective contact and donor management, social media and web content management. Learn to be more effective with today’s communication and engagement tools through targeting and segmenting audiences for campaigns, connecting with social media audiences and reaching a wider web audience. Discuss how to balance and integrate disparate measures into a common framework useful for senior leadership and board-level decision-makers.

Fellow panelist: Steven Backman, Database Designs Associates.

Monday and Tuesday

We’ve already met a great group of nonprofit people at NTC, including these folks and many others:

• Katya Andresen, Network for Good
• Jodi Heintz, Banfield Charitable Trust
• Nyaka Mwanza, World Food Program USA
• Daniel Karp, Save the Children
• Elisa Pluhar, Public Radio International
• Carolyn Assa, Perkins Communications
• Jenna Sauber, Case Foundation
• Alec Stern, Constant Contact
• Karen Bray Irwin, Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Southern NJ
• Derek Hurwitch, AJFCS
• Rebecca Bowe, EFFJD Lasica, founder and former editor of Socialbrite, is co-founder of Cruiseable. Contact JD or follow him on Twitter or Google Plus.

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2 thoughts on “Socialbrite strategists’ sessions at NTC

  1. A big (belated) thank you for posting this JD!

    We really appreciated having the Socialbrite strategists’ team at 12NTC. We’re still sorting through formal evaluations, but heard your sessions went fabulously. Hope you’re all marking your calendars for 13NTC!

    • Thanks so much, Sarah! Yes, it seemed to go very well (how could it not, with such a knowledgeable audience!). And Debra and John’s sessions were super. Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes work!