November 27, 2012

Last call for your nonprofit to join #GivingTuesday

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Leverage the power of #GivingTuesday to raise awareness & funds

John HaydonToday charities, families, businesses and folks like you will come together to help create #GivingTuesday. This creates an opportunity to join a massive trending conversation on social media that will surely create more awareness for your cause.

How can your nonprofit join #GivingTuesday? After you become a #GivingTuesday partner, create a Partner Page to be featured on the GivingTuesday website.

Then use your existing social channels to tell your people about #GivingTuesday:

  • Encourage your supporters to join the #GivingTuesday community.
  • Email your people with sample tweets and Facebook updates they can use to talk about your cause. (Make sure you keep these short and sweet, and include the hashtag #GivingTuesday.)
  • Tweet with the hashtag #GivingTuesday to drive people to your #GivingTuesday page.
  • Create a few #GivingTuesday pictures you can post on your page with conditional sharing.
  • Share these ideas with your sponsors and other local businesses.

Get more ideas on #GivingTuesday

Check out these ideas for local businesses and families, and see what other nonprofits are doing today. Share your ideas for #GivingTuesday below!

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