One thought on “How to get people to share your content

  1. Thanks, John, all good tips. I actually disagree with the opening of your tip #2, though.
    If you’re not getting people to do things on your organization’s behalf, you shouldn’t bother with social media. The ultimate goal is not just engagement but to advance your goals and mission. And often people come to a site, don’t see a call to action, and then leave. The majority of folks visiting a site aren’t talking about the site or your cause, so they need a little prompting. Not a hit-’em-over-the-head rolling pin, but a little encouragement, including an ask. 
    Maybe we agree on that, but that’s it’s just a matter of degree and emphasis? So, charity: water doesn’t just ask you for money, they ask you to help in the fundraising effort by donating your birthday or running a page.