January 17, 2012

How charity: water changes lives through multimedia

by Lauren Major

Water, the Web and high storytelling & production values Target audience: Nonprofits, NGOs, foundations, social enterprises, cause organizations, businesses and their corporate social responsibility (CSR) divisions, video producers, educators, journalists, general public. This is part three of our three-part series on how nonprofits can create engaging multimedia stories that motivate supporters to take a desired action. Also see: • Creating … Continue reading

January 5, 2012

Jolkona: Now we can all be philanthropists

by JD Lasica

During the holiday break, Socialbrite is updating and republishing some of our most popular posts. We noticed that Jolkona is prominently featured in Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen’s new book, “Giving 2.0.” Our regular publication schedule resumes Monday. Imet Adnan Mahmud, co-founder and CEO of Jolkona, during Beth Kanter’s book signing party for “The Networked Nonprofit” at TechSoup Global — and was immediately … Continue reading

December 27, 2011

45 hashtags for social change

by kimbale

Image by jeffisageek on Flickr Print out this cheat sheet to keep tab on the top tags During the holiday break, Socialbrite is updating and republishing one of our most popular posts from last year. By Kim Bale Socialbrite staff Sending a tweet into the Twitterverse without a proper tag is like stocking a library with no regard to author … Continue reading

December 22, 2011

Say ‘Happy New Year’ to nonprofits worldwide with one click

by Shonali Burke

Perhaps you’ve started celebrating Hannukah, or you’re counting down the hours until Christmas Day. In the midst of your holiday cheer, which is well-deserved and much needed, would you take a moment to give a really great gift to nonprofits worldwide? All it will take is one click. I’m serious. Here are the deets: Next year, thousands of new Internet … Continue reading

December 16, 2011

YouTube’s viral stars: The new nonprofit ambassadors

by Guest

“It’s Time,” a nonprofit viral video from Australia, shows the power of YouTube for raising awareness. Project 4 Awesome on YouTube: 5 years of online community organizing Target audience: Nonprofits, foundations, social enterprises, cause organizations, NGOs, brands, businesses, Web publishers, educators, journalists, general public. Guest post by Hunter Walk Director, Product Management, YouTube In 2007, YouTube stars John and Hank … Continue reading

December 14, 2011

How to bootstrap your organization without sacrificing results

by Guest

Baking for Good learned that quality labeling doesn’t have to break the bank. Tips and tricks for making the most of the funds you’ve got Target audience: Nonprofits, NGOs, cause organizations, businesses, brands, social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, marketing managers. Guest post by Emily Dubner Founder & CEO, Baking for Good Two years ago, I launched Baking for Good, an online … Continue reading