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  • I hope you don't mind if I list my creative commons royalty free music library here – maybe you could add it to the list?



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  • Greg

    Here is another great source for podsafe music. There is a small cost involved, but the music is great, and you get a full blown license so that you know you are legally covered.

    • jdlasica

      Thanks for sharing, Greg, looks valuable.

  • barry

    Other Netlabels of note that release free music using creative commons

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  • Perfect just what I was searching for! .

  • Amy

    also check , a music production company that licenses instrumentals!

  • HI,

    Can I add my site to your list? I offer a selection of music for completely free use in any production, all I ask for is a credit.

    The site is



    • jdlasica

      Absolutely, thank you, Alastair!

  • Fantastic post! I created a video and used some great music for it for my hotel

  • Hello, thanks for the listing & infos.
    I would like to introduce to you my free music site:
    It's a free music multi search engines.
    If may be added to your listing.

  • Thanks for your time. This is one of the free music pages that is also legal.

  • Another directory of free netlabel music was started up within the last year or so called Soundshiva. Loads of stuff on it.

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  • GFI

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  • Ra
  • Here is a local band resource for Lancaster PA Bands and Concerts.

  • Manuel

    I want to post my new site.
    Is a Royalty free music site that offer piano music content for commercials, documentary, websites and more
    The website is

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  • Manuel

    I hope you don’t mind if i mention my website with piano music content for documentary, cinematic projects and more.
    Best !

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  • Like your resources. Great list! Thanks for sharing.

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  • Hi. I found a great site with hundreds of free music tracks. Just need to register and credit the website/author. There are hundreds of classic piano tracks

  • Since you asked to expand and comment on this article, I’d just like to say, my website – – is a TRUE free music website. No registering, no signing in, just pure free songs, beats, background music for videos, commercial stuff, ANYTHING. Only thing we require is one link back to our site when you use our music. Example: “Music From” – We have a growing network, and everyone loves the site. We also have a section where other musicians and producers can submit their own music and get free promotion. I’m not saying you have to add it to this article, but I’m definitely recommending it. Thanks so much! It’s all about the community of free music =)
    – Kyle (owner of

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  • Thanks for getting back to me JD. Here’s a little info about my site. is a subscription based production music library. Our music can be heard on: The Discovery Channel, ESPN, History Channel, Nat Geo and others. We wanted it to be one of the simplest libraries to use so we offer a monthly subscription of $5 for unlimited access to our library (kinda like how netflix works). It’s quick and simple and is constantly being updated with new tracks.

    Check out our “FREE TUNES” page for some complimentary tracks to use in your next production

  • Javicald

    I would like to mention an useful resource related to the classical music from north india

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  • I think it’s awesome that you offer a place for musicians and music lovers to come and easily find places they can find music related sites. I didn’t see a way to add / suggest a site here, but I’d like to add my site if it’s ok. It could be listed under hip hop.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Great post.

  • John Milner

    A quick addition to growing list of royalty free music sites:

  • Hi, great list!
    You may also check out the new Public Domain site with some nice Public Domain music from around the Internet – .  :)

  • locutor77

    If you need royalties-free music you can download the samples of:
    No charge.  It is free….

  • HeinzMaler

    I’ve another quick addition: is a searchengine for creative commons licensed songs. You can also share sounds as a HTML5-Waveform-Player.

  • For anyone interested in producing music themselves. Which really isn’t that difficult anymore nowadays, there’s this site   it’s a guide on what you need and what you need to know.

  • HealingChime

    I run a net label Healing Chime Audio – and we offer plenty of free podcast ready downloads to promote album releases. If you are interested in soft calming ambient tunes, then check us out. We also have more experimental sounds and some binaural beats. Thanks and enjoy our free resource!

  • This is a great resource for musicians. Japan Music Promotion assists  musicians that want to promote their music in Japan. Check it out!

  • JasonMichaelCanon

    I also enjoy the free music downloads offered by at

  • Download Free Mp3 Music at

  • PerryHua

    Another great site for free piano sheet music is