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Social media

Top 10 social media dashboard tools

14 free tools to measure your social influence

5 steps to a successful social media strategy

10 winning social media tactics for nonprofits

20 free, awesome social media monitoring tools

10 paid monitoring services for nonprofits

6 ways YouTube is helping out nonprofits

Change-makers share 10 of their favorite tools

12 ways to use Pinterest for your nonprofit

10 tips for writing an impactful blog post

5 tips on writing knockout social media content

9 critical stats to measure on your blog

Advocacy & causes

10 social tools to put to work for your cause

12 awesome platforms for social good

9 Web platforms to help you change the world

9 online petition tools: How to make a difference

A change agent’s top 5 tools for social change


13 top Facebook apps for your nonprofit

8 new Facebook plug-ins to socialize your site

11 stats to measure on your Facebook Page

3 tools to measure your Facebook clout

12 ways Facebook users can ‘like’ your nonprofit Facebook Page

16 ways to get more comments on your Facebook Page


45 hashtags for social change

7 best Twitter dashboards for nonprofits

10 rules for how nonprofits should use Twitter

24 best practices for nonprofits using Twitter

10 tools to monitor your brand on Twitter

8 nonprofit Twitter superstars

10 great get-down-to-business Twitter apps for nonprofits

7 top tools to measure performance & influence on Twitter

12 great nonprofits & causes to follow on Twitter

6 simple stats you need to measure on Twitter

13 ways to get your blog posts retweeted

12-step guide on how to live-tweet an event

99 foundations that actively use Twitter


24 tools for fundraising with social media

Behind the success of 10 top Causes

7 ways for nonprofits to use mobile phones to raise funds

5 ways to use social media to build a crowd for your event


8 great examples of nonprofit storytelling

4 ways to tell a visual story for your nonprofit

6 ways to tell your stories with data

Tech & productivity

15 top Web conferencing services compared

5 top online survey tools for nonprofits

15 cross-posting tools: Be efficient but smart

6 productivity tools for social change

10 top collaboration tools for your organization

5 collaboration tools to enhance productivity

10 ways geolocation is changing the world

15 social tools for local impact

12 open source tools you should be using

A developer’s 5 favorite social tools

Top 10 sites for free or low-cost photos


An educator’s top 5 tools for social change

Top 10 productivity apps for college students

Top 10 mobile apps for college students

Top 10 Student Tools for Classwork


10 mobile apps for social good

Top 10 mobile apps for college students

15 top iPhone apps for work, play & creativity

6 iPhone accessories to jazz up your mobile photos

7 ways for nonprofits to use mobile phones to raise funds

WordPress & websites

29 tips to improve your nonprofit site’s landing pages

10 beautiful nonprofit WordPress themes

10 essential WordPress plug-ins

5 WordPress plug-ins to turbo-charge your blog

5 tips to help you create visually stunning websites

SEO: 9 tips for optimizing a nonprofit site


7 ebook publishing services

10 socially conscious online bookstores


7 tips to set your live presentations on fire

Government 2.0

Cool Gov 2.0 sites you don’t know about