May 6, 2011

How to understand Daily Active Users in Facebook Insights

John HaydonWe’ve already looked at seven different ways that people interact with your Facebook Page.

Facebook Insights allows you to view daily interactions by type in a report called “Daily Active Users Breakdown.”

This report can be found by selecting the “Users” report on the left-hand side of your Insights panel:

Facebook Insights

Understanding the breakdown of Daily Active Users

Halfway down the Users report, you’ll find the Daily Active Users Breakdown chart:


This chart provides daily numbers on five different stats. Mousing over any data point in this chart will allow you to see details for a specific day.

  • Unique Page Views – This is the number of users per day that have viewed your Page.
  • Post Views – This is the number of people per day who have viewed your posts. This number is typically higher than the other data points because posts receive a large amount of exposure in news feeds.
  • Liked a Post – The number of unique fans per day who have liked a post.
  • Commented on a Post – The number of unique fans per day who have commented on a post.
  • Wall Posts – This is the number of unique fans who have posted to your Page (includes updates, photos, videos, links).
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