June 27, 2011

6 tips for creating effective custom Facebook tabs

John HaydonCustom Facebook tabs are not about technology. (Note: We still call them tabs even though they’re now simply links in the left sidebar of your organization’s Facebook Page.) They’re not about having the ability to display content once a fan likes your Page. They’re not about widgets or animated mouse-over things, either.

If it doesn’t convert, it failed

The smart nonprofit marketer uses custom tabs to motivate action. Following are six tips to help you improve the effectiveness of your custom tabs:

  1. Each tab should have one goal – Do you want people to like the page? Or do you want to tell people about your latest news?
  3. Each tab should have only one call to action – If you ask people to follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook Page, and join your email list, your results will be poor. Facebook users will take action on one item, if they take any action at all.
  5. Keep the copy clear, short and concise – Take the copy you now have on your custom tab and cut it in half. The increase in conversions will be worth the painful editing.
  7. Use a powerful image – An image that stirs an emotion will help motivate action.
  9. Make buttons easy to see – Make sure the button is a contrasting color and is at least 110×80 so it can compete with the size of Facebook ads.
  11. Create a unique landing page for Facebook – If your call to action sends Facebook users to your website, make sure they land on a page dedicated to receiving traffic from the Facebook tab. This way, you can easily measure the effectiveness of the tab.
May 16, 2011

A new way to show off your nonprofit’s fundraising projects

Project Night Night’s Causes Fundraising Project page.


New Facebook tab spotlights impactful projects on Causes

Guest post by Susan Gordon

Causes has just released a fundraising tab for Facebook Pages, which is great news for nonprofits that have been investing in Facebook but struggling to find the right fundraising solution for that audience. It’s also a huge opportunity to bring your social media community into the inspiring fundraising campaigns you’re running through other channels. So far this year, $3 million has been donated to Causes fundraising projects, and nonprofits of all sizes, budgets and missions are finding they are the most effective way to do online fundraising.

To add the tab to your Facebook page, you can follow the step-by-step instructions on the Causes blog or follow these simple steps:

  • Go to www.facebook.com/causes, log in to Facebook and click “Add to my Page.”
  • Go to your Page and click Causes in the left sidebar.
  • Click the big green “Get Started” button, where you’ll be able to find your nonprofit and add it to your Page. The default tab will look like this:

If your nonprofit would like to customize this tab, add videos/photos, price points, etc., create a Causes Fundraising Project and your tab will look like the one at the top of this article from Project Night Night. (See? If your nonprofit does not have a Causes Fundraising Project, your page will look like this.)

Free, customizable, socially enabled donation pages

In addition to being able to feature a project on your Page, Causes Fundraising Projects are free, customizable and socially enabled donation pages that nonprofits can promote through all their social media channels. Fundraising Projects help nonprofits tell inspiring stories of impactful projects ($10,000 for a school, $2,304 for a scholarship, $54,000 for a rally, etc.) that motivate supporters to donate. After each donation, donors are then asked to promote the project to their networks of friends and family on Facebook. Causes also provides back-end donation tracking and follow-up tools to help you build relationships with donors in the Nonprofit Partner Center. Continue reading