March 26, 2012

7 tips & cheat sheets to help you implement the new Timeline

Socialbrite has not yet switched over to the new Timeline — but we will by Friday!

It’s time to leap into action — the switchover happens Friday

Target audience: Nonprofits, foundations, NGOs, social enterprises, cause organizations, brands, businesses, Web publishers, educators, journalists, general public.

Editor’s note: Facebook is switching over all nonprofit and business pages to the new Timeline format this Friday, March 30. Because so many organizations haven’t yet made the move, or are still figuring out the best approach, we’re devoting this week to help you get ready to make the transition smartly. Contact Socialbrite if you need help.

In this series:
• Tuesday: How to shape your nonprofit’s message in Timeline
• Wednesday: Tips on maximizing the new Timeline
• Thursday: What story should you tell in Facebook Timeline?

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How to create Facebook Timeline covers for your nonprofit’s supporters to use
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Guest post by Beth Kanter

If you are an administrator for your organization’s Facebook page, you’ve no doubt noticed the alert that invites you to preview the look of your new page with the option of publishing it for all the world to see. Between now and March 30, only page administrators can see the changes, if you haven’t set it live yet. On Friday, Facebook will flip the switch for everyone. Many large nonprofits and big brands already have.

Livestrong is one of the nonprofit early adopters that has published its brand page using the new format. Others are exploring and testing and fixing glitches or simply checking out the new features, like the administrator’s dashboard. Time is runnnig out, so you have a few days left to review the changes, figure out a strategy and implement the changes.

Recommendations on optimizing your new Timeline

Here are my suggestions:

1Strategy and work flow. Understand how the changes impact your editorial strategy and how you will administrator the page. I shared a couple of resources and tips that you can use to have a brief strategy discussion with your team. After you have identified how you will integrate your branding strategy, revise your editorial/content strategy, and administrative work flow, you’re ready to get into some nitty gritty.

2Take the tour. Block out an hour to sit down and take the tour and preview your page. I would print out a copy of this useful guide published by Facebook that summarizes the feature changes. Go through the tour and take notes. See if your old profile image works with the new format. You might also want to check out how some brands have already implemented the changes. Mashable has this post on preparing for your new page. Continue reading

January 20, 2012

How to create Facebook Timeline covers for your nonprofit’s supporters to use

John HaydonBy now you’re probably aware that your personal Facebook profile has been upgraded to the new Timeline layout, which features a large image, or cover, at the very top.

Nonprofits and organizations don’t yet have the ability to create their own Timeline or use the new layout features — but their supporters can. Many organizations, like the Best Friends Animal Society, or Ocean Conservancy, are creating covers that supporters can use on their Timeline on behalf of the nonprofit. See the example Beth Kanter is using above; she was touting the Ocean Conservancy last week.

Notice that there is no hard-sell pitch for donations (which could violate Facebook’s Terms of Use). Rather, the covers are “lightly branded” beautiful photographs of animals, ocean life or related causes.

How to create a custom Facebook cover for your nonprofit

The easiest way to create a custom Facebook cover for your supporters to use is to get a designer to create one using Photoshop.

Have your designer use the dimensions shown below, or download this Photoshop template (zip file), Continue reading