July 18, 2009

Good.ly: a tiny url service for charity

Good.ly: a url shortener to benefit charity from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

JD LasicaDuring the Traveling Geeks‘ visit to London last week, I twice met Alicia Navarro, founder and CEO of Slimlinks, an automated affiliate marketing service for blogs and websites. During our talk she mentioned a little-known service that deserves wider visibility: good.ly.

goodlyIn this one-minute video, Alicia describes how it works. If you’re going to make a product recommendation on Twitter, you can do it through one of the traditional url shorteners — bit.ly, is.gd, ow.ly — or you can use good.ly. At good.ly you can designate a charity will would benefit from any commissions that are generated by your recommendation.

ChildVoice International, Crisis and DogsTrust are among the charities that would earn the lion’s share of commissions generated by a tweet.

Watch or embed the video on Vimeo

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July 17, 2009

BBC’s praiseworthy Save Our Sounds project

Save Our Sounds from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

JD LasicaAt the Traveling Geeks‘ Tweetup in the Chelsea district of London on July 5, I ran into Kate Arkless Gray, “microblogger-in-residence” at the BBC World Service, who looks after its Save Our Sounds project.

SOS seeks to preserve disappearing sounds in society. Kate explains how the project has begun preserving users’ contributions of sound snippets, ranging from the sounds of a 64k modem to rare bird calls. It’s a brilliant project.

Here’s Kate explaining the project in a blog post at radiolabs last month. Excerpt:

There are so many photographs and words to capture the world, but barely anything in sound. We want to put that right and so we’re asking people to help us preserve “endangered sounds” by recording them and sending them in to us. We’ve created an interactive map that allows you to upload your audio and place it exactly where it was recorded. Other users can then click around and travel the world in sound.

Getting people to actually record sounds for us is a bit of a challenge, so we’re trying to make it as simple as possible. The map uploader is very easy to use and allows you to submit .wavs and .mp3s. …

The really exciting bit is that we’ve been working with AudioBoo which is a free iPhone app that allows you to record an upload sound to the web. If you do this, and tag your sound with “BBC_SOS” it gets fed straight into our map.

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