September 1, 2011

Social change & nonprofit calendar: September

Social Capital Markets returns to San Francisco next week.


Events guide for nonprofits & social change organizations

JD LasicaConference season is ramping up again. Here’s a roundup of conferences and events scheduled in the nonprofit and social change sectors for the month of September. I’ll be attending the Social Capital Markets conference in San Francisco next week.

For the full year, see our Calendar of 2011 social change conferences. If you’re interested in social media, tech and marketing conferences, see this month’s calendar on our sister site,

If you know of other events, please share by adding the info in the comments below.

SOCAP Sept. 6-9 San Francisco
SOCAP is a multi-platform organization dedicated to the flow of capital toward social good. The event series connects leading global innovators – investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs – to build this market at the intersection of money and meaning. SOCAP11 is asking, What needs to be created, what needs to be put into action, what should the social capital market stand for? What does Money + Meaning = ? SOCAP
Open Video Conference Sept. 10-12 New York
This multi-day summit brings together thought leaders in business, academia, art and activism to shape the future of online video. It’s a forum for technical and creative innovation in online video as well as larger questions. This year’s event will be about a third as big as years past, with an emphasis on working groups and concrete action. OVC
Social Venture Institute Sept. 14-18 Cortes Island, BC
Participants will present their business problems to a panel of experienced business leaders and fellow participants. In return, they receive advice, tools, and resources to strengthen and grow their enterprise in a socially conscious way. SVI
Web of Change Sept. 21-25 Cortes Island, BC
Web of Change connects the foremost thinkers and do-ers in the growing community of social change and technology from across North America. Tim and Nicholas
IdeaFestival Sept. 21-24 Louisville, Ky.
IdeaFestival is a world-class event that attracts leading global innovators and thinkers to discuss and celebrate imagination, new perspectives and transformational ideas. (I’ve spoken here in the past and recommend it.) It provides a stage to explore the cross-cutting nature of innovation involving a range of diverse disciplines. ray-kurzweil
Artez InterAction Sept. 29 Toronto
Join thought leaders and peers and participate in one of the world’s top social fundraising exchanges. Watch an all-star lineup of speakers and sessions to explore the potential of mobile and social media on your fundraising programs. Steve Mast

Image at top by Julie Blaustein on Flickr