April 26, 2010

‘WordPress in Depth’ covers all the bases

WordPress-In-DepthJD LasicaAt a recent meetup of the East Bay WordPress Meetup group, I won a free copy of WordPress in Depth, the new book by Bud Smith and Michael McCallister.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, or switching from another blog platform, “WordPress in Depth” (softcover; 432 pages; publisher: Que) serves as a worthy guide to get you acquainted with the wealth of options that WordPress and its open source-fueled developer community now offer.

During Friday’s post-conference strategy sessions at NewComm Forum, I was asked which blogging platform I recommend. Two years ago it would have been a close call. Not anymore. WordPress.org is the sleek, turbo-charged race car that leaves all the other players in the dust. (Last year I wrote a comparison of TypePad vs. WordPress. Some beginners may feel more comfortable with WordPress.com.)

In “WordPress in Depth” (one of several WordPress available in bookstores), the authors cater to a WP readership from newbies to advanced. The style is friendly, accessible and non-technical, with lots of graphics, call-out boxes and sidebars. I could have used this 16 months ago when I was working on the relaunch of Socialmedia.biz and the launch of Socialbrite — the book covers everything from installation basics to the must-have plug-ins. It’s not meant for the techno-illiterate, but it shouldn’t intimidate anyone who’s comfortable around computers. Continue reading