December 13, 2010

How to send invitations to 5,000 prospective Facebook Page fans

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John HaydonFacebook Page owners can now send up to 5,000 email invitations to become a fan of their Page with a new marketing feature called “Tell your Fans.”

This feature is only available for newer Pages and is perfect for organizations that have built up a large email list over months and years.

How to import your emails into your Facebook Page


Within the admin panel of your Facebook Page, click on “Marketing.” You’ll see “Tell your Fans” in the list of options.

Importing email contacts into your Facebook Page


You can import either a database file from Constant Contact, AWeber or any other email program, or import contacts from a web-based email services like Gmail or Yahoo.

During the import process, you’ll see the names and avatars of the users if their email account is linked to their Facebook account.

A nice little leap forward.

Do you think this will help organizations get started on Facebook?

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4 thoughts on “How to send invitations to 5,000 prospective Facebook Page fans

  1. I think this is a wonderful addition that will convert those who have failed to see the value or simply find growing a fan base on Facebook too daunting.

  2. This feature takes me through a wizard and then says send. But no email? I’ve formatted my file as .csv, made first line “email address” and second, third ,fourth etc the actual email address. No joy?

    Anyone got it working? Mines from a fan page.

  3. Is this just a generic message requesting them to join or can you, say, add a poll in there which entice them to come check it out?

    And from some of the previous responses, does this work?