6 thoughts on “Getting started with social media metrics

  1. Hi, SocialBrite Team —

    Yet another terrific post that's packed with great tips. Thank you so much for providing consistently great content.

    I particularly agree with the point that social media metrics are critical to the future success of any social media campaign.

    On a related note, if your readers are interested in seeing a formula on how to calculate social media return on investment, please feel free to read an article I wrote on Mashable called How to Calculate the ROI of a Social Media Campaign . It provides a formula that can be used to crunch very specific numbers on whether or not a social media campaign is working on an ROI basis.

    Thanks again for writing a great post. You guys are one of my favorite sites. Keep the great content coming!

    Jamie Turner
    Co-Author, How to Make Money with Social Media

    • Hi Jamie, thanks much. I remember that Mashable article from last month — solid advice and worth checking out! – jd